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    Yesterday we published our “Manifesto for Work with People” - 12 principles that we came to after 7 years of teaching smart people how to work with other smart people.

    The text was concise, capacious, but ... without stories. No, the manifest is so manifest. At the same time, during the writing of the manifesto, the memory all the time returned cases about our former leaders, colleagues-managers, listeners-directors - everyone we met with fate, and from whom we drank more than one liter of blood, learned a lot.

    The thought went further and the idea arose to make a contest of stories "What I learned from my leaders and colleagues . " Surely you have your own instructive stories from working life. Stories that YOU have taught a lot. Let's share them?

    It seems to us that this will be not only useful, but also inspire colleagues to overcome difficulties. Or it will entertain colleagues, which is also important.

    The rules of the contest are very simple. You write your story (or stories) - each with a separate comment. History must be about working with people. At first they thought to confine ourselves to the topic of working with people in IT, but on the other hand, if there is an instructive history of managing builders , like mine, then why not tell it.

    We appreciate the history both of us (with our Leninist squint), as well as other readers of Habr, plusing and minus your comment.

    Prizes will receive:
    • The best story according to Khabrovsk citizens
    • The best story in our opinion

    Prize: our latest Formula for Work with People program , which 200+ people passed in March with good results and feedback. This program is not on sale (you cannot buy a prize), but at one time participation in it cost about 20,000 rubles. We will give along with the video course, records and text transcripts of all 10 workshops.

    We will summarize the results in a week: June 24 (But as far as I understand, Habr, the earlier the comment is written, the more chances he has to get an audience rating.)

    PS Just in case: the “People work formula” intelligence card can be downloaded here (together with video parsing), without registration.

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