So where is the build for Linux?

    What did you not ask before, here it is: Opera for Linux .
    Yes, that's right - today we are releasing the first build of the new Opera for Linux on the Developer channel.

    In order to make the first version more stable and launch it as soon as possible, we specifically focused on one platform - this is 64-bit Ubuntu Linux with Unity or Gnome Shell. Therefore, the assembly that we show today works only in this environment. As the development stabilizes, we will consider support for other platforms.

    As you know, this is a Developer channel, so you should expect an appropriate level of stability from this assembly. Despite this, many of us have been using this assembly for a long time as the main browser and it seems quite stable. So it’s bolder - try and write to us if something is broken.

    Many people ask why the release of this version was so delayed. In fact, a little less than a year has passed since the launch of the new Opera on Chromium for Windows and Mac. Mostly, we were waiting for Aura for Linux to come out . It took us a whole lot of time to implement Aura in the already working version of Opera for Windows and we did not want to go through it again on Linux. Beyond the obvious benefits, Aura allows us to use more common code between platforms.

    We have long promised to release a version for Linux and with great pleasure present it publicly, for many of us Opera Linux is the main platform and we are glad that we can use the latest version of Opera again.

    The ideas behind Linux are close to our company's mission. We want everyone to have safe and convenient access to the Internet and Linux is good at that: it remains a productive and secure platform even on older hardware. Not every family, school or office can afford a powerful laptop for 70,000 rubles, but this should not stop them from using our excellent browser with Turbo, References, Piggy Bank and Express panel. And now, with the release of the version for Linux, everything is all right again.

    We hope you enjoy it.

    ps: For the most stubborn thereinstructions for manually installing Opera from the contents of the Debian package.

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