About motivation with the prefix "Super"

    Remember the imperishable lines of BG from the song "Train on Fire"? "Their children are crazy about the fact that they have nothing more to want ...". Against this background, I wanted to immerse myself in the topic of staff motivation, having found something exotic. To be honest, at the very beginning the idea seemed trivial, but as you know, good luck favors perseverance. Let us delve into this horn of corporate abundance and motivating excesses.

    Google: I want to, I do not know what, because I already have everything

    Google can be considered a trendsetter in matters of staff motivation. A lot of PR and even feature films tell the whole world that this is the best company on earth. In addition to the fantastic offices, the Internet Corporation provides its people with playgrounds, swimming pools, free travel to the workplace, as well as other free services, including rental of electric vehicles, food, medical services (on-site), laundries, hairdressers, massage parlors. Also, every employee of Google has the right to devote 20% of their working time, that is, one day a week, to third-party projects not related to their main activity. These are less known facts. From the curious, perhaps, few people know

    Netflix: 100% flexible

    With Netflix, concepts such as flexibility and freedom are reflected in everyday life. Employees solve work tasks when it is convenient for them. Work schedule - a convention, the value is only the result. The concept of vacation is also very conditional. Employees have the right to take "time-outs" whenever they want. In addition, in the first year after birth (or adoption) of a child, one of the parents has the right to take as many days off as necessary.

    Apple: motherhood by schedule

    Time is the most valuable resource given to us by the creator. But it can be spent on the benefit of the beloved corporation. For example, in the “apple company” women are offered exclusive compensation - covering the cost of freezing biomaterial (the cost of the procedure is approximately $ 10,000, and each year of storage is $ 500). Thus, a young mother can build a career indefinitely, hoping later on for a surrogate mother.

    Airbnb: travel money

    This young and dynamic startup, professing a culture of freedom and travel, allocates each employee $ 2 thousand to ensure that a person goes there, where they want the most. In addition, company employees in various international offices can enjoy sailing, yoga or playing table tennis, and even take pets to the office.

    Yahoo: all the best to people

    Yahoo strongly encourages staff athletic initiatives: Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and even golf - all of this is available as part of a corporate program. In addition, the company offers discounts on holidays in popular ski resorts and visiting a variety of theme parks. The company also holds its own "Oktoberfest" and even finds time to organize special parties for the employees of the waiting children - baby-shouers.

    Parallels Health and Comfort

    In Parallels, a set of corporate goods can be considered conditionally “standard” for the industry: insurance, parking, free meals, reimbursement of fitness expenses, English language classes, office recreation areas with tennis and massage, as well as family holidays for employees and family members. On the other hand, she is a classic to satisfy the needs of the majority.

    Facebook: Sweet Life and Kids

    Facebook can easily compete with Google for the title of "Most-most" in matters of staff motivation. From the interesting, perhaps, it can be noted that the company pays its employees $ 4 thousand at birth of the child in addition to the four months of leave to care for him. Also, many interns earn more than $ 7,000 a month. This is due to the fact that Facebook offers its interns free housing and medical care.

    Salesforce: on the road volunteering

    The company helps employees find a person to care for their elderly or aging parents, as it may sometimes be harder to find a qualified nurse than a nanny for a child. In addition, the staff receives six paid days a year to volunteer, and they are also given $ 1,000 each year, which can be donated at their discretion.

    Twitter on pins and needles

    Along with all the “buns” that have already become familiar to the IT sphere, Twitter offers acupuncture sessions and improvisation classes to its employees.

    Gazprom: dreams come true

    In fact, not only the gas monopolist has corporate mortgage lending programs for its employees. The company subsidizes 50% down payment and interest on the loan. In addition, due to its relations with banks, the company is able to receive more favorable interest rates on loans.

    And if the examples given above seem to you very “bearded”, catch a couple of, to say the least, strange motivators.

    Onebestway: English strawberry

    Within the walls of this British company practiced “bare Fridays”. All employees get rid of clothing and internal complexes. The most shy can work in underwear. In a word - a paradise for nudists, exhibitionists and other "istov".

    Munich Re and the "moths"

    One day, German insurers rewarded their employees with a non-standard corporate event with the participation of "night butterflies." This immediately became a subject for public discussion. An event took place in the spa. The waitress could be distinguished from a “special” guest by ribbons on her hands: they were red in the waitresses, and yellow in the women of love. The choice of how and when to encourage or punish their subordinates is the right of a manager. According to the company's management, the main thing in this business is a sense of proportion. “The motivation of subordinates should be carried out on the basis of their needs and interests of the organization,” the company noted.

    Summing up, we can safely say that today, in matters of staff motivation, the impulse of fantasy is limited only by the budget and moral principles of owners or shareholders. Otherwise, a solid field for experiments. I wonder what motivates you? Could you share your experience and give examples of excellent, in your opinion, motivators?

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