DevConf 2014 - will be held this Saturday. New Storage Section - Reveals All Storage Secrets

    June 14 (Saturday) will be held in Moscow DevConf 2014
    For the first time in Russia we managed to collect the authors the MySQL , the PostgreSQL , Percona Server , Sphinx , Tarantool and experts NeoJ4 , BigData , HandlerSocket , NoSQL in a separate thread DevConf :: the Storage - in fact it is a separate conference modern database.

    Program DevConf 2014 :: Storage

    • Cool as in google. Sphinx-based search services
      Vladimir Fedorkov. He has been working in the field of high loads for the past twelve years.
    • NoSQL attacks: JSON functions in MySQL server.
      Sveta (svetasmirnova) Smirnova, author of JSON functions for MySQL and the book "MySQL Troubleshooting", as well as a technical support engineer for MySQL since 2006, Oracle.
    • Schema-less PostgreSQL
      Oleg Bartunov, major contributor PostgreSQL, researcher at the Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, Moscow State University.
    • RDF Nootropics for BigData
      Leonid Yuriev is a leading systems architect at Peter-Service R&D. Previously seen at the Natalia Kaspersky Innovation Center and Infowatch.
    • Problems of using MySQL on modern equipment
      Alexey Kopytov - Percona developer since 2010, is involved in the development of Percona Server and Percona XtraBackup. Developed by MySQL since 2004, worked in MySQL AB, as well as in Sun Microsystems and Oracle.
    • Performance optimization of a large inherited PostgreSQL database
      Alexander Chistyakov works as a chief engineer at Git in Sky
    • Tell me, Count ... Or about the use of NeoJ4 in a web project,
      Alexander Novikov, a leading developer at T-Platforms
    • How NoSQL is structured by
      Andrey Aksyonov, I'm still doing Sphinx.
      If you already know what B + tree, Fractal tree, LSM, SSTable, columnar storage, Bloom filter, read / write amplification are, what the No letters in the NoSQL word mean, how miraculously the production databases press data 100+ times, and why the file on the disk is also NoSQL, only small and evil, you have absolutely nothing to do on this report
    • Tarantool 1.6 Primer
      Kostya Osipov, developing Tarantool
    • Infrastructure for MySQL. Clouds against rusty servers.
      Vladimir Fedorkov. He has been working in the field of high loads for the past twelve years.
    • We deal with locks in MySQL Server.
      Dmitry Lenev, an employee of Oracle, has been developing MySQL Server since 2003
    • MySQL + HandlerSocket = NoSQL
      Sergey Averin - I lead various projects at Badoo

    See you at DevConf 2014!

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