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    podcastWeb Standards podcast, Release No.138: September 17, 2018 : 10 years of Chrome, who needs a URL, what is a cascade, a cursor on buttons, microbenchmarking, DOM in workers, JS 2018
    podcastWeekly Vue podcast: Weekly Vue # 3 , Weekly Vue # 4
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 69 - Ruslan Kaymakov on how to build a career as a leader in the development world, # 70 - Gleb Mikheyev on developing your own production agency and preparing Frontend Conf
    podcastFive-minute React podcast # 47 - Elm 0.19
    podcastDevshacht / Night Frontend podcast: 49: Vue.js 2.5 years in production - normal flight ,50: Visiting Pythonists: How and Why to Immerse in Python
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) Podcast # 63 What happened to WSD
    podcastCSSSR Podcast, News 512 - Issue №21 (10.09 - 16.09)
    podcastVadim Makeyev's video blog : №1. Pilot, analyzes, answers and live , №2. CSS-Minsk-JS, mitapy, the future of the frontend and the main page

    Web development

    habrBEM should not exist
    enUse SVG with Media Queries
    enHTML elements, gather! Voltron's abilities in the context of a combination of elements


    habriOS CSS of death
    habrA quick tutorial on variables in CSS (reasons for usage, syntax and examples)
    habrImproved effects with the mode of blending background layers in CSS
    habrFile upload field we deserve
    habrBad, but yours: how to write a really awful CSS
    Nobody knows CSS: specificity - not a cascade
    enNew in Chrome 69: create a circular progress indicator using conical gradients
    enHow to use 2D transformation functions in CSS
    enIntroduction to Trashy.css - an easy way to view page structure
    enFull CSS guide Scroll snap
    enDenial of CSS is about exclusion, not technology
    en: empty and: blank
    enCreating a sliding effect using position sticky


    Recursion for the inexperienced
    Fundamental principles of object-oriented JavaScript programming
    enState Of JavaSript 2018 , a recent survey among JS developers about the state of the industry
    enCelebrating 10 years V8
    enRemoving jQuery from the frontend
    en12 things you need to consider when evaluating any new javascript library
    enI created the same application on React and Vue. Part 2: Angular
    en100% correct way to split your code using Webpack
    enLint Javascript and formatting with ESLint, Prettier and Airbnb
    enWhat makes ReasonML so cool?
    enAscent in modern javascript - let, const and var

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enlow.js - Node.JS port for embedded devices
      ensqorn - Javascript library for building SQL queries


    habrPicture in Picture mode in Chrome 69
    habrGoogle wants to kill a URL
    Firefox 62 is released: new security tools and settings interface , as well as technical details for developers on Marat Tanalin’s blog
    Chrome 69 is released with a new design, improved password manager and omnibox
    Browser Chrome is 10 years old
    Microsoft has tried a more aggressive way to promote Edge
    Google has canceled the hiding of the www and m subdomains, but intends to standardize their special status
    Support for translating pages using Google Translate will appear in Firefox
    enChrome 70 beta: shape detection, web authentication and much more
    enAn inside look at a modern web browser: Part 1 , Part 2
    enChrome redesign: an interview with the lead Chrome designer


    Python also partially rejects master / slave terms
    Glow Facebook compiler has received support from Intel, Marvell and Qualcomm
    Google has opened the Google Photos API for third-party developers
    The person is not as important as its data!
    September rating of programming languages ​​from TIOBE: Python first came in 3rd place
    How to stop infuriating fellow developers
    What common programming mistakes make newbies - experts say

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