The official update for Android 4.4.3 available "over the air"

    The long-awaited (previous release on December 9, 2013), but a minor update of Android 4.4.3, was released.

    The update takes 94MB, and mainly contains bug fixes and improvements related to the camera, bluetooth operation, LED indicator of missed calls and other minor corrections. A complete list can be found - [here].

    - correction of a data transmission disconnect error;
    - Correction of errors associated with the camera process, which affected the battery charge;
    - fix focus in normal and HDR modes;
    - other corrections in the camera;
    - correction of the problem associated with the transition of the device to the "deep sleep" mode;
    - some fixes in the work of Bluetooth;
    - correction of the error of a random reboot of the device;
    - correction of an error when shortcuts disappeared from the desktop after updating the application;
    - security fix for USB connection;
    - elimination of problems with automatic connection to Wi-Fi;
    - fixes for freezing in MMS, Email / Exchange, Calendar, People / Dialer / Contacts, DSP, IPv6, VPN upon activation;
    - Correction in the work of the LED indicator for missed calls;
    - correction of subtitles;
    - correction in the display of statistics of data transmission;
    - corrections in the work of Internet telephony;
    - Corrections to comply with the requirements of the Federal Communications Agency (FCC).

    A few days ago, this update became available on the developer portal. - [ link ,] [ link ]

    Motorola promises to release an update for its devices this week. -[link]

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