EFF souvenirs for Tor rile owners

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) announced the launch of the Tor Challenge to encourage the creation of new nodes in the Tor network. Any new Tor traffic transfer node created on June 4, 2014 or later, as well as any old node that after this date will increase the bandwidth of RelayBandwidthRate and RelayBandwidthBurst by at least 128 KB / s, compared with the average bandwidth, can participate in the promotion until that date.

    To participate in the Tor Challenge program, you need to register by indicating the digital fingerprint (in hex) of the riley. First you need to make sure that the nickname of your node appears in the Globe directory. You can register anonymously, that is, without publishing the name in the list of participants, and a gift from EFF can be ordered at an anonymous mailbox or received in person, so as not to declassify your place of residence.

    The easiest way to install rile on Linux: just download Tor, change a few lines in the configuration files and run the program.

    For Windows, there is an implementation with the Vidalia GUI .

    EFF aims to stimulate the long-term work of new rileas, so souvenir stickers will be given to those whose nodes will still work 12 months after the start of the campaign. For rile owners at 1+ MB / s, t-shirts are put in addition to stickers. To receive a gift, you need to specify your email address during registration, instructions will come there in a year. If a souvenir is not needed, email can be omitted. About the anonymous mailbox said above.

    To whom it is not enough t-shirts, it makes sense to pay attention to the idea of ​​the new digital cryptocurrency TorCoin . For its "mining" you need to provide part of your channel to the public. This currency is good to use as a reward for Tor node owners.

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