250 million international events in one place

    Researcher Cavel Litaru, from Jordtown University, has compiled a catalog of 250 million events that have occurred in the world since 1979, which is updated daily and available to anyone who wants to study it.

    Each set entry has 58 attributes. And the set itself is divided into 300 different categories. Currently, the catalog has a capacity of 100 GB, and the hoster is Goolge.

    To conduct the analysis, the user can download the entire set or the category of interest to him, or use Google BigQuery directly on the site.

    The base is automatically replenished from many news sources from around the world. All of them are processed using various text mining and geocoding algorithms created by Litar, and then entered into the database. In addition, the author notes that in connection with recent successes in the processing of natural languages, the share of non-English sources will soon increase.


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