I’m generally afraid of children, my dear sir, are noisy, cruel and selfish, and if the children rule the state?

    Imagine that the head of the NASA press service on his Facebook page bans users who have asked a question that he does not want to answer because he cannot write the truth. And then on this page he publishes a post with the status “feeling wonderful” that he banned these users and applied a derogatory epithet to them.

    Presented or difficult?

    And if this is the head of the press service of Roscosmos?

    In 2016, at Habré, Zelenyikot published an article “Progress in the work of the press service of Roscosmos”, which ended with the phrase “And if it fails, Roscosmos must learn to be brave enough to admit mistakes, and explain what is happening with the greatest possible openness.”

    After 2 years in Roscosmos there was a change of the old new leadership, and which once again promised a bright future for the Russian cosmonautics. And so that there would be no doubt that the bright future is precisely domestic, the leadership decided to create the corporate journal Russian Space, at the same time liquidating the journal Cosmonautics News .

    And soon there was an occasion for public relations - a micrometeorite struck the Soyuz compartment. The head of Roscosmos actively posed and talked to the media. Photos on the official twitter of Roscosmos :

    But this idyll was undermined by the appearance of a photograph of the micrometeorite hole. The evidence of its artificial origin, has definitely made an impact on the management of Roscosmos, akin to the defeat of the army of Charles XII near Poltava. Fell into a stupor, they and the press service could not adequately respond. The media filled out "anonymous sources in the industry." All this story is remarkably described on Habré in lozga publications:

    It would seem that one should act as Zelenyikot wrote and “... in case of failures, Roscosmos needs to learn to be bold enough to acknowledge errors and explain what is happening with the greatest possible openness,” but ...

    No, apologize, acknowledge errors?
    Most children do not like to apologize for having made a mistake or did the wrong thing. It would seem that there is no simpler task than just saying simple words to mom or dad: "forgive me," I was wrong. " Instead, mostly parents get only dumb silence or, God forbid, hostility from the child.
    “Treacherous partners secretly drilled a ship at night to refuse to fly to the Unions” - who just did not speak out about hostile saboteurs and their intentions.

    Silence and hostility ... There was nothing. You have a different opinion - are you not an agent of the State Department?

    "Micrometeorite", the Chernobyl accident or the current disaster in Armyansk - one handwriting.

    It would seem that it can be made worse? Can.

    Today, aerospace expert Vadim Lukashevich, the author and owner of the Buran.ru website, wrote on his page about talking with the head of the Roskosmos press service on the topic “New damage to the drill was found in the Soyuz spacecraft” ( NTV.ru )
    The head of the press service of Roscosmos cowardly banned me at once in both accounts. For the fact that he could not answer when he was pushed against the wall, to the simple question “So new holes were found in Soyuz - yes or no?” I heard about a dozen comments, and when I ascertained his dismount and allowed me to conclude that the “trampoline” was forgiven to you, but the “American drul” was let down, and that’s just the beginning - it banned me. But I still did not ask him why the fact of dismissal a week ago of a worker who made this hole on the ground is classified, and everyone, from Roskosmos to the State Duma deputies, carry crap about American sabotage ... And is it true that on Rogozin’s personal order preparations for the future separation of the Russian segment from the ISS?
    But now they (there and our cosmonautics as a whole) have their affairs there will undoubtedly immediately trample uphill.
    Especially if, because of these morons, we are now thrown out of the project of a near-moon manned station ...
    comment screenshot

    Screenshot with comment by Vadim Lukashevich

    Having put things in order on the pages led by him, the head of the press service of Roscosmos Ustimenko published a remarkable post :

    And one of the characteristic comments:

    As it turned out, it was impossible to ask more harmless questions:
    What a moody girl! Hooligan!

    Ustimenko simply must block me again! On the page of Rogozin !!! Threat ...

    I, Irina Doroshenko, editor of the online magazine "All About Space" want to inform my friends that the head of the press service in the team of the head of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, as well as the host of his page under the name Dmitry Rogozin on the FB (A didn’t you know? Hee-hee), blocked me on his Fb page and along the way on Dmitry Rogozin's page because I dared to express my opinion that people are already on the verge, you are not giving information, and the accusation of American astronauts is insult. Later, apparently recollecting himself, the imaginary Dmitry Rogozin (aka Ustimenko) sent me a friend request. Well, of course I took him as a native. But after this statement of mine, Ustimenko, as a true choleric, is simply obligated to block me again, again on the page of Dmitry Rogozin.

    PS Thinking of what to name the publication, I chose a quote from the story "Tenderness" in 1975 by the famous writer Julian Semenovich Semenov. In my opinion, the quote characterizes not only this situation.
    - I was mistaken. First, "cut the bourgeois", then "learn from the bourgeois", then the surplus appraisal, then "enrich yourself" ... I’m afraid of children, my dear sir, are noisy, cruel and selfish, and if the children rule the country? That's when they pour the laws in bronze, when they learn how to fulfill the guarantees, when they become Europeans ... And maybe it’s only in the third knee: for the time being, the Kukharkin’s son will finish the university ... Kukharkin’s grandson will rule as a power - I believe in it: emotions will diminish, progress will be reduced.

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