Windows 8.1 with Bing challenges Android: one gig of RAM is enough again

    The story went through another round: until now, the requirements of Windows operating systems for iron have basically grown, but the rapid development of the mobile segment has led them to fall back to the level of the times "somewhere before Vista" for the expansion to mobile devices.

    If you remember, the Windows 8.1 update released in April was distinguished by the promise of support for devices with characteristics of 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of shared memory. And for partners-manufacturers of gadgets with a screen diagonal of less than 9 ", it was also promised for free. Which means that Windows has entered the niche of cheap gadgets, where Android has reigned supreme.

    And today Microsoft announced that this version of Windows 8 for budget devices called Windows 8.1 with Bing, and in the next two weeks, on the eve of and at the Computex exhibition in Taipei, the cover will be torn off immediately from several devices with this OS on board.

    The name, of course, is not so hot, but on the other hand it confirms once again whose garden the stone is in: we also have a search! - as if it screams. Indeed, Bing will be the default search engine in Internet Explorer on these devices. However, as stipulated in the announcement, it will be possible to change the search system without problems - like the browser, I suppose. A bonus for those who are still scared by the combination of the words Windows, Internet Explorer and 1 gigabyte of RAM will be a free annual subscription to the Office 365 package on some devices.

    Android's plus is still its openness - any Chinese can put an iPhone on his clone without any permission from Google. However, it is clear that the outcome of this battle will not be decided by scammers from the rice fields, but by agreement with the main vendors of budget smartphones. Will the free W8.1B (sorry, I can’t type it all the time anymore) is sufficient argument for migrating to this platform without Microsoft buying the whole company? I would not make big bets on MS, but let's see. Competition is only for the best.

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