FBI wanted Chinese citizens from APT1

    Last winter, we wrote about the report of the American company Mandiant (now part of FireEye), which is dedicated to the Chinese group APT1 (aka Comment Crew ). This conditional name was given to a group of hackers from the so-called. units of PLA Unit 61398 of the People's Liberation Army of China, which was engaged in cyber espionage operations in other countries. All kinds of malicious programs were used for these operations: backdoors, remote access means (RAT), rootkits and trojans. As a rule, the victim was infected through social engineering methods, sending fake messages to the corporate email addresses of employees.

    A few days ago, the US Department of Justice publishedthe text of the indictment in which the defendants (Chinese citizens, employees of PLA Unit 61398) were charged with such crimes as: unauthorized entry into computer systems (computer hacking), economic espionage, and theft of information from US organizations. Compromised organizations relate to industries such as nuclear energy and the metallurgical industry. US authorities were outraged by the fact that espionage was carried out to obtain the strategic advantage of Chinese companies in the market due to the theft of technology from American companies.

    This is the first such case of accusation of specific Chinese citizens in computer spying by US law enforcement agencies. Wanted link .

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