Who is in monet of pirate video content runes?

    A few hours ago, the news came out that “ Russians set a record: 110 pirated films per person, ” but where do people see all these pirated films in this case, if the creation of a movie site now takes no more than 10 minutes ? Video from VKontakte / Mail / OK has not been seen at online cinemas for a long time, however there are so-called “CDN balancers”, these are video hosting services that give access to their base of films after registration. We will not call them, but those who have not been in a coma for the last 5 years and, although occasionally still using Yandex search, may have noticed such players (photo above) that are embedded via the iframe on Yandex.Video pages .
    Let's analyze how many there are, how many films / series there are and find out if the Internet Video Association cuts off one hydra head, the rest will cover the users' needs for video content?

    Just 8 years ago, VK was an absolute monopolist of online piracy . There you could download terabytes of video content, from newly released new products to long-forgotten classic movies. Working with the API and getting video from VC on your website was not a problem, maybe someone remembers that KinoBaz worked just like that - WHAT to watch, WHERE to download, WHEN will DVDRip come out? . But as time went on, the VC changed its owner and a new course of social development was chosen. network. Users began to take away something for which they were actually in this social. network. At the beginning of the video, and then partially audio. Webmasters no longer embed video content into their sites, as for viewing it was necessary to be registered in the VC.

    Then the huge market for video hosting began to free up. However, they all had a huge drawback: the content rarely appeared there, it needed to be uploaded by itself, there was no API, no structuredness, etc. This was all taken into account by “CDN-balancers” and there were closed sites that already have tens of thousands of loaded content. Each video file is associated with an ID on Kinopoisk, there is information about the quality and voice acting, there is a convenient API for mass adding players to the pages of sites. And the Runet began to play with completely different colors, namely the way we see it now.

    How does Yandex find video content for Yandex.Video?

    The Yandex search bot, like Google, supports OpenGraph markup, which is why many sites insert such meta tags, indicating the player:
    meta property="og:video" content="https://example.com/player/key"

    Who makes money from advertising Azino Three Ax on Yandex.Video?

    Each player has a hash key that identifies the user from whose site the video was inserted. Accordingly, the money for advertising is divided between the “CDN-balancer” and the webmaster, as written in the article Group-IB
    “The average earnings of pirates for 1000 views is $ 3. Thus, the average monthly income from large pirated sites can reach $ 10,000. "

    How many online movies and TV shows in free access can now be viewed in RuNet?

    In order not to create advertising, we will call players like Player 1 , Player 2 , etc.
    In total, there are 5 private video hosting sites in runet, their players look like this on the pages of Yandex . Video :

    Having analyzed all their API , we managed to get the number of video content units that are available to them. And so, at the moment there are 36,673 online movies / TV shows in runet , we’ll draw a graph that shows how much video hosting there is on each of the video hosting sites: There is a

    fairly large scatter and you can’t identify an obvious leader. However, this is not important, as it was written above, let's find out what happens if one of the heads of the hydra is cut off, how much others can satisfy the video market.

    If Player 1 disappears, the rest will not be able to cover 850 movies / TV shows.

    If Player 2 disappears, the rest will not be able to cover 1,863 films / series.

    If Player 3 disappears, the rest will not be able to cover 873 movies / TV shows.

    If Player 4 disappears, the rest will not be able to cover 13 films / series.

    If Player 5 disappears, the rest will not be able to cover 6 films / series.

    Thus, it turns out that video hosting with the smallest number of films numbered 2 has the largest number of video content units unique to Runet.

    But in general, the situation is such that no matter how much video hosting goes into oblivion, the rest will almost always fill it with 95-100%.
    With the current state of affairs, it is not even known how legal cinemas drag this blanket to their side.

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    What influences the growth of piracy in Russia?

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