Python-digest # 27. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [May 12, 2014 - May 18, 2014]

    There are too many digests on the hub today, but this one is about python! Today, and about TDD and PyQT and MPTT - and indeed a decent amount of decent letters for every taste.

    Thanks owlman75 for preparing the illustration - it was not given the first time, but, as always, it’s very, very good. Thanks to those who send the news - I am gratefully publishing them.

    During the preparation of digests in the database accumulated more than 800 articles. They have attributes to which section they belong, in which issue they are published, where they are taken from. Are there any people who want to build beautiful charts based on this data? I think readers would be interested to see trends and distributions. I myself must confess that I’m curious, but just to do this, apparently, there will be no time for anyone.

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