Skylock - Wireless Solar-powered Bike Lock

    In principle, cycling culture in post-Soviet countries is gaining momentum. In Europe and the USA, bicycle culture is quite well developed. In Asia, there are also a lot of bicycles and cyclists, but there the reason for the appearance of a large number of bicycles is slightly different.

    But this post is not a discussion of the reasons for the development of cycling, but a description of an interesting castle for bicycles. The castle, firstly, does not need an ordinary key, secondly, it is strong enough, and thirdly, it is charged by itself, from the sun.

    Now a little more detail. This castle was designed by Velo Labs, a startup founded by engineers from both Boeing and Jawbone. Skylock is the first product of this company, and the product is very interesting.

    So, the main highlight of the project is the lack of a physical key. Skylock works via Bluetooth. Those. the owner of the bike approached - the castle opens by itself. In addition, the device (and the lock is the device) can be controlled from a smartphone, opening it using a special application.

    If suddenly the phone was not at hand (well, you forgot it at home / at work / stole), then there is one more option - entering the password using a small keyboard (strong and secure, of course).

    Among other things, if the owner wishes, the rights to open the castle can be transferred to friends by sending permission for the corresponding application to the smartphone of such a friend.

    An accelerometer is also integrated in Skylock, so if a lock (respectively, a bicycle) starts moving, a warning will come to the owner’s smartphone. The sensitivity of the accelerometer can be adjusted, so the system will not respond to a normal hit (well, someone knocked on the rack by accident).

    Among other things, the castle supplies itself with energy, for which the developers equipped their device with solar panels. Well, there is an emergency system that responds if the owner of the bike gets into an accident. In this case, the system calls an ambulance.

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