Dropbox 0.7 - new version with LAN sync support, as well as DropboxPortable for flash drive

    imageToday , a new stable release of Dropbox has been released - the popular "file hosting" and service for data synchronization. The new version has the number 0.7.79, the main innovation is LAN Sync support. For those who are not familiar with this interesting service, I can recommend watching a visual video (in English), or reading a short description (in Russian).

    What gives LAN Sync?

    LAN Sync is a long- promised innovation that significantly increases the speed of synchronization within the local network. Previously, all changes were transmitted exclusively through the Dropbox server, which limited the synchronization speed to the width of the external channel. Now Dropbox first of all checks if there is a changed file in your local network, and if it exists, downloads from there. True, this function does not exclude the need for the initial upload of a new / changed file to the Dropbox server.

    Or is there something else new?

    Also in version 0.7, buttons were added to the Finder toolbar under OS X. In addition, a standard set of improvements was announced:
    • Optimized RAM consumption;
    • Increased productivity;
    • Improved stability.
    From the above, the client for Windows immediately catches the eye with a decrease in appetite for RAM by about 25%, which in general is not bad.

    Although the version is declared stable, the links on the main page have not been updated yet . They promise to distribute the new version through auto-renewal within a month. Download, however, can now be from here:

    DropboxPortable - when online synchronization is not enough

    By the way, maybe not everyone knows about the existence of such a convenient add-on to Dropbox as DropboxPortable . It turns out that Dropbox can be not just a replacement for a flash drive, but also its complement. DropboxPortable works with a flash drive and without installation. Allows you to sync data to this flash drive. While the truth is not always stable, in addition, Windows only .

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