SCIO handheld spectrometer scores $ 1.3 million on Kickstarter instead of $ 200 thousand

    On Habré a portable spectrometer SCiO was already described, a small device that allows you to determine the composition of any materials, although organic, at least not.

    The creators of the device describe it as a molecular scanner, which can be very useful in everyday life (and for scientists, it is likely that such a device will be an indispensable assistant).

    Little has been said about how to use the device, and about this in the sequel. I must say right away that on the kickstarter this spectrometer has already collected $ 1.3 million instead of $ 200 thousand, and until the end of the fundraising another 33 days.

    Usually spectrometers are very expensive, their price is many thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, such devices can not be called portable.

    Well, the SCiO project (thisThe infrared spectrometer , as suggested in the comments, has the size of a large flash drive, and its price is about $ 300 (the "early birds" on Kickstarter can get a device for $ 199).

    What can I use the device for? Here are some ways:

    - find out the composition of the drugs you buy at the pharmacy. In any instruction there is a description of the composition, which can now be checked;
    - find out how many calories are in your food, any;
    - find out how ripe the vegetable or fruit that you are going to buy;
    - Find out if your home plants are doing well;
    - find out the composition of the soil that you use for your plants;
    - find out what additives are included in the products you buy at the nearest supermarket;
    - find out how much high-quality alcoholic drink you just bought (find out immediately, and not in the morning, when your head hurts after half a glass of drunk);
    - check the conformity of the quality / composition of products, both food and non-food, declared by the manufacturer.

    As you can see, the range of capabilities of the device is very large. All scan data is sent wirelessly to a smartphone, where the application processes the received information, giving the analysis results to the user.

    Device Features

    The device is compatible with iOS 5 and above, Android 4.3.

    The device will go on sale in December this year.

    Several applications have been created for the device, each of which performs a limited set of functions:

    Here are some more videos demonstrating the operation of the device:

    Via kickstarter

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