Firefox Developer Tools Update

    Along with the latest version of Firefox Aurora, new Firefox Developer Tools are presented , which implements a number of very interesting innovations . For example, in the code editor, the possibility of multiple selection has appeared (holding Ctrl / Cmd).

    This allows you to edit multiple lines of code at the same time. In addition, you can now select an arbitrary rectangle (Alt), undo and return canceled selections (Ctrl-U / Cmd-U and Alt-U / Shift-Cmd-U).

    The block model in the Inspector allows you to change the dimensions by simply clicking on them and entering the desired value. Or you can watch how an element is scaled on the screen by pressing the up or down button (step 1), holding Alt (step 0.1) or Shift (step 10).

    In the same Inspector, a new Eyedropper tool for determining the color of any pixel on the screen has appeared. Use the up and down buttons to move to neighboring pixels. Holding Shift - 10 pixels each.

    Console logs console.error, console.exception and console.assert now save the full call stack when tracing. For all network logs, permanent recording is possible, which does not stop on new tabs even after the browser is rebooted.

    In Network Monitor, resending requests has become more convenient with the “Copy as cURL” command.

    In experimental mode, a new debugger is still working for debugging individual frames of animation (WebGL and 2d canvas).

    There was also a separate debugger for extensions to Firefox .

    The current Aurora will reach a stable release by July 2014 and will be released as Firefox 31, but you can download it now .

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