DevDay for Managers: Manage IT

    On February 15, we gather on DevDay everyone connected with the management. Look at the light behind the stories from a non-linear manager and instrument-maker, who believed in Scrum. For lovers of tools, a working case of semi-annual planning was prepared by a team of 257 developers.

    Under the cut the details of the meeting, schedule and link to register.

    § DevDay

    DevDay is an open meeting for sociable IT people in Novosibirsk. We invite 150 people and every time we choose a new topic. The last time guests were front-fighters . Meeting for managers revive the tendency to manage. Come in person or join the broadcast - we will be happy!

    § What is it about?

    Picking up the reports, we kept in mind that the content should be interesting both for projects and products, and ideally for timlids. Modestly note that it seems to work out. Friday night come:

    • discuss situations when classical management tools interfere rather than help,
    • imbued with a fantastic history of implementing Ajile in hardware development,
    • find out how the whole 2GIS management goes to the taiga to come up with new features.

    It will be informative, and in some places exciting.

    § Program

    February 15th, Friday.
    Novosibirsk time (GMT +7), for Moscow, the start of the reports is at 15:00.

    18:30 - Prepati
    19:00 - How to manage engineers, if they are good enough without you // Alexander Syrkov, 2GIS
    19:45 - Scrum in hardware development, or canons that we tamed // Anton Ryadinsky, Uniscan Research
    21: 00 - How to plan 257 developers for half a year in 3 days // Angela Druzhinina, 2GIS
    22:00 - Aftepati

    Study the program on , look for familiar names among the participants .

    What's next? We decided to come in person - register . We will remind you of the meeting. We stopped at the broadcast - also register . We will send you a link to the video.

    See you on DevDay!

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