Ultrasonic Healing 3D Corset

Original author: Michelle Starr
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This broken arm corset is the perfect combination of 3D printing technology and the healing effects of ultrasound on damaged bone tissue. The author is Jake Evill. He has developed a lightweight, durable and stylish design that allows the skin to breathe freely. Such a corset is printed according to the three-dimensional model of a particular hand. In addition, the corset is not afraid of water, so you can safely wash with it.

In addition to the listed advantages over traditional gypsum, this design has another important function. A LIPUS generator (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound), a source of pulsed weak ultrasound, can be connected to the corset. The fact is that ultrasound accelerates the healing of damaged bone tissue . And the device can be connected to the corset opposite the fracture.

The developer reports that daily 20-minute ultrasound sessions 38% speed up the healing process. Now the development is in the prototype stage.

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