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    imageHello to all fans and fans of Go. This is the 6th edition of a digest of links and news about the growing language. Do not consider it a blatant attempt to promote a resource on which I regularly publish news all about the same Go. All subsequent issues of "tulzovin and horseradish" will be published on . In addition, at the request of workers, there is now a subscription to the newsletter.

    The theme for this issue is GopherCon 2014. This is the biggest Go conference this year. Perhaps some of the readers were personally present and can tell about their impressions. I try to collect all the reports and materials found on the network in this post .


    • syntaxhighlight - A great package for highlighting code.
    • smartcrop.go - Smart cropping images on Go. Based on smartcrop.js by Jonas Wagner.
    • heartbleeder - Server testing tool for checking OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160 (Heartbleed) vulnerability. And there is already an online service based on this project.
    • regommend - Golang recommendation system.
    • gogeta - Dynamic reverse proxy with configuration in etcd.
    • ngrok - Introspected tunnel on localhost. It is convenient if you need to quickly show something to the client.
    • mimetex - Bindings for Go to render LaTeX without any external dependencies. Thank you @kouprianov .
    • The Platinum Searcher - A tool for searching for code. The author claims to be very fast.
    • gobot - A wonderful robot project. The guys wrote a framework and for their components and now everyone can assemble their own robot.
    • vu - 3D engine on Go. Conveniently divided into packages, each package has documentation.
    • gotask - A tool for building projects to replace make, rake, etc.
    • Agora - A dynamic typing programming language. Works in tandem with Golang. Almost like lua and C.
    • knight - HTTP web server with reboot for Go. It monitors file changes and automatically restarts.
    • go-github - Library for working with github in Go.
    • go-goline - Easy implementation of readline on Go. But it does not use linenoise overhead, only direct system calls.
    • verifiable go - A subset of the Go programming language that adds temporal logic (CTL) capabilities.
    • luar - Yeah, Lua binding to golang. Now we can execute lua scripts in Go code.
    • Pher - Using Go as PHP - c
    • gitql - This is like SQL, but for Git.
    • Goji - New microframework on Golang. Very simple, only convenient routing.
    • gocraft / web - Another microframework. They say that fast.


    Articles and articles


    • go-oracle - Atom plugin for oracle go-tools.
    • Tul - Go compiler in the cloud.
    • goviz - Visualization of dependencies between packages in Go.



    And for the appetizer video "one day in the life of a gopher . "

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