import sphinxapi without dancing or simple installation of via pip

    Slightly facilitated the installation of through pip.
    pip install

    import sphinxapi

    When I decided to use Sphinxsearch for full-text search in my project, I just copied to myself. And, of course, I safely forgot about him for several years. However, sphinxsearch itself continued to be updated regularly. Fortunately, the API did not change and nothing unexpectedly broke.

    The problem arose when using the new third-party library, which contained a concise
    import sphinxapi

    Copy again? Yes, and for all servers and environments? A ready-made package was found on the github , but it has not been updated for 3 years. Updated
    Install fresh sphinxapi with one command
    pip install

    Current API from 2.1.7 release

    I will try to keep it up to date.

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