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    For a long time, we have been a group of enthusiasts who have been blogging for the American Business Association of Russian-speaking Professionals (AmBAR) on Habré. A significant amount of quality interviews, reports, articles and translations have been published. During this time, we have formed an excellent team, whose members (mainly entrepreneurs and employees of IT companies) also organize events (such as, for example, the SVOD conference ) and other useful activities, one way or another helping to unite and develop the Russian-speaking community in Silicon Valley (after all, there are also Indian, Chinese, German and even Scandinavian communities).

    Guided by the principles of crowdsourcing, we want to attract as many interesting people as possible, and today we are announcing a new RusValley resource in the format of a collective blog for the inhabitants of the Valley and “sympathizing with them”, which will also publish information about various communities, events, tips, analytics and much more . Join now. Selected posts (not everything in a row, so as not to clog the Habr with irrelevant posts) with RusValley will also be published on our blog on Habrahabr.

    RusValley is a community blog community community created by Silicon Valley enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and SFBA. We want this resource to become a kind of club of interesting people with similar ideas, a center for communication, exchange of experience and knowledge, where anyone can contribute.

    Want to join the community? See the corresponding section on the site. RusValley is made in the format of the Tumblr collective blog - by registering there, you can write your publications directly in RusValley, receiving in return some PR for your blog, website, business, etc., as well as attracting people with similar interests. You can also submit articles without registering with Tumblr using the “Send a post” section.

    Over time, new sections will be added, the subject of the resource will expand. Despite the fact that the emphasis of RusValley is on the IT business, the theme of the resource will not be limited to this.


    One of the main features of the resource (in addition to crowdsourcing) will be the presence of its own podcast - RusValley Hackerkast . Hackerkast is our podcast, where we discuss events related to Silicon Valley, and also invite eminent and not so inhabitants of Siliconia to visit. By the way, in Silicon Valley, the word "hacker" is applicable to anyone, whether a programmer or an entrepreneur, who is distinguished by a non-standard approach to problems and non-standard thinking.

    In the pilot issue, the facilitators discuss the news of the IT industry, as well as:
    Why did not Silicon Valley begin to speak, but Silicon Valley?
    Heartbleed - OpenSSL protocol vulnerability - why and where passwords need to be changed.
    Candolisa Rice on the Dropbox Board of Directors.
    The game "2048".
    Anna Dvornikova, president of the American Business Association of Russian-speaking professionals, was included in the list of the most influential women in Silicon Valley.
    Google Maps included Crimea in Russia.
    Hit the top hackernews.
    Service for calculating the shares of startup participants.
    Healthbe - Russian bracelet measuring heart rate, calories, stress level.

    Listen to the pilot release here . In the future, releases will be released regularly and tell about what's new in the IT industry, what startups are appearing, etc. We will also invite eminent entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley who have already created successful businesses to our program.

    Since everything is in trial run mode and many things are far from ideal, criticism, professional advice, questions, suggestions and suggestions are welcome. By the way, we will be happy to meet in person at the June Silicon Valley Open Doors conference in Silicon Valley and other events of the American Business Association of Russian-speaking professionals .

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

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