Floomby - instant screenshot sharing

    Making and sending a screenshot to a colleague is not at all a trivial procedure. It is especially acute for designers, layout designers and project managers - they often have to exchange screenshots in the process. So, a designer working on a new layout wants to quickly send interim results to colleagues, after seeing the layout of the site, immediately send the layout designer a screenshot showing the flaws, or send the layout just drawn to the manager.

    Floomby is an easy way to share screenshots and files.

    Press Ctrl + PrintScreen, select the screen area with the cursor and the picture is already on the Internet. Before publishing using the “pencil” and “marker”, you can select the necessary screenshot fragments and make quick notes. As soon as the image has loaded you get a link to it, which you can send by email. mail, via IM, or post in forums / blogs.
    To start using Floomby, just install the Floomby Agent (2 Mb).
    We are grateful for your comments, this will help to make Floomby better and more convenient.

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