“Text Radio”

    Service for periodical publication on the network of long texts in parts, in rss-channel format or just a separate page. After registration, the participant can upload his text to the server and configure the method of its publication. The principle of radio broadcasting - the text in the channel appears in parts, and at each individual moment in time only a few parts are available, but not the entire text. Over time, new parts appear in the broadcast, and the old ones disappear.

    The reader receives a small amount of compulsory reading every day, along with news channels. The same text, of course, is available to the reader as a whole, but he constantly postpones reading it “for later” (analogy with a movie on a DVD disc, watching which is always postponed and showing the same movie on TV).

    Such a service is necessary for people suffering from a syndrome of constant information hunger and inability to focus on a long text.

    The problem with copyrights to texts is solved by the fact that the text is published by the participant and under his responsibility, the service team only provides a technological platform for publication.

    Related services - contextual advertising (new books, events, libraries), announcements of all kinds of interesting reading, featured channels (for texts from the public domain).

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