The main theses of the interview with Ilona Mask Joe Rogan

    Elon Musk came to the comedian Joe Rogan on his podcast Joe Rogan Experience.
    2.5 hours they talked about AI, immortality, Neuralink, innovations, social networks, space colonization, tunnel drilling, flamethrower, flying cars, renewable energy, car security. We discussed Porsche and Rolex, corruption and Tesla courts, the kindness of people, the role of Mask in the history of mankind. As everyone knows, we smoked grass and drank whiskey.


    Below are the most important points from the interview:

    • Mask about time management: “I am engaged in design and production. 80% of the time I spend on it. "
    • Mask about AI: “Now, AI is no longer bothering me as much as before, mainly because I have adopted a more fatalistic position. Everything does not necessarily end badly, but it will definitely be beyond human control. We are a biological loader for AI, we all create it. And in the end we will be a very small percentage of sentient beings. ”
    • Mask about Neuralink: “In a few months we will be able to tell something interesting. It is at least several times better than anything that already exists. I think it is even better than anyone thinks possible. ”
    • A mask about simulation: “The arguments in favor of simulation are strong enough, because if we take into account any rate of improvement, the games will become indistinguishable from reality. Or civilization will cease to exist. One out of two. Therefore, most likely we are in the simulation. "
    • Mask about social networks: “A person will increasingly merge with social networks, at the moment we are stopped only by throughput. Photos are one of the ways to communicate with high bandwidth. ”
    • Mask about the courts with Tesla: “The guy was driving along the highway in one of the first Tesla [before autopilot appeared], fell asleep, knocked down a cyclist and he died. This is what motivated me to release the autopilot as soon as possible, and this guy sued us. He blamed the "smell of the new car"
    • Mask about new developments: "I have a design of an electric supersonic jet plane with vertical takeoff and landing."
    • Mask about subsidies for electric cars: “Nobody takes into account that all cars on the engine are subsidized for their environmental impact. And no one pays for it. More precisely, obviously, in the future we will all pay for it. "
    • Mask about Tesla Roadster 2: “Already we can make a prototype, with a power reserve of 965 km, but much more expensive.”

    Interview in Russian in full:

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