We develop in the clouds (WPF, ASP.NET, PHP)

    ss1Much is being said about cloud computing . About how convenient it is to store and process everything somewhere out there - in the clouds . We have Google Docs for creating documentation, soon there will be Microsoft Office Web 2010 Apps (in fact, now you can use Excel and PowerPoint on live.com), we can also store documents in the clouds, keep contacts, calendars, well in general, everything you can want (or almost everything?). And what's more, I recently came across a CodeRun - Web IDE .

    Imagine a situation - you are a Web developer (I wanted to write normal at first, but are developers really ordinary?), Your site is equipped not only with beautiful pages, but also with complex logic that you all can’t think of - and it’s completely by chance that you’re visiting parents (beloved girl, grandmother) dawns on you. Of course, I would like to try this second, but, unfortunately, there is a computer, but there is no IDE and your project is at hand. But if you keep everything on CodeRun - work wherever you want and as much as you want (even with your grandmother). In general, it’s strange that I couldn’t find any analogues. I recall the wiki-os project , which I previously wrote about- but it was more like a parody: it didn’t smell serious from there (now they write that there is something new - but I did not see anything).

    CodeRun is a more (much) serious project. Moreover, there are already paid services there. As far as I understand for the price, you can get both hosting your project (source) in the clouds, and immediately hosting for your application (deploy). Whether it is cheap or not, it’s difficult for me to judge, since I have not high experience in this. Prices can be found here .

    You can develop both in their CodeRun Web IDE and in Visual Studio using their plugin for deploying changes, etc. ... Everything works on Windows Server 2003. Projects can be Silverlight 3, WPF (XBAP), ASP.NET, PHP 5 Databases can be used as MS SQL 2005, and Amazon SimpleDB. For C # IDE is friendlier in comparison with php, javascript, html - there is IntelliSense and even the ability to debug on the server. Does it work? It’s still difficult to use in reality, then some unpleasant and annoying little things pop up there. Yes, and the development speed of course falls at times. I tried to create an ASP.NET application immediately with a lot of problems, in Chrome they stopped calling application windows after 3 launches (Debug failed to start), in Debug I tried to use watch - and I couldn’t think of it, that when you open some kind of object, you need to wait for its properties to load (there is not enough patience and you start to open and close, I anticipate a bug). In general, the idea, of course, is 5, and the implementation is 3+.

    For now, we forget about the described scenario and come up with another one. We are a freelancer - we write small projects, such as sites, store source codes on CodeRun, and we also provide our customers with hosting of written applications. We go on vacation - they call us and ask us to quickly fix or add something - we agree on the price, take a beer, go to the nearest bar - add a couple of lines of code (no more to WebIDE, otherwise we will not have enough patience), we remove the money transferred from the card and extend the vacation for another day :). Isn't it wonderful?

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