Babo violent 2

    imageI perfectly understand that today is far from Friday, but nevertheless, I decided to tell the respected habrasociety about one game that I was lucky to meet recently.

    The game is called Babo Violent 2 .

    Surprisingly, a search in Habrt did not return any mention of this wonderful game either in posts or in comments.

    The game is a multiplayer 3d top-down shooter . According to bourgeois Wikipedia , the game is a mixture of Crimsonland, Counter Strike and Quake 3 games.




    You are a brave kolobok who wages an unprecedented and bloody war with the same brave and bloodthirsty koloboks. The warpath is limited to a maze, every corner of which can become your grave. In your arsenal of weapons, many tools designed to mercilessly destroy your sworn enemies. Here is the complete list:
    • Submachine Gun
    • Shotgun
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Dual Machine Gun
    • Chain gun
    • Bazooka (Bazooka)
    • Photon Rifle
    • Flamethrower

    But these are not all the ways to turn koloboks into mincemeat. Each tru-kolobok should have at least 2 hand grenades and one “Molotov cocktail”, so that the stuffing was a little toast. But that's not all! Each jedi gingerbread man must have one of three skills: the ninja gingerbread man knows how to get well-hidden knives at the right time, which will solve and poke everybody who violates his intimate space; the kamikaze kolobok always carries a miniature nuclear bomb with him and always uses it for its intended purpose (there are no witnesses for this event); the kolobok-thrifty always has the opportunity to extend its miserable existence due to the magical protective field.

    Game modes

    • Every man for himself (Free for all)
    • Capture The Flag
    • Team deathmatch
    • Duel (Champion)

    You can play only with real opponents, there is no AI in the game, so you can’t play with bots. In principle, this is not necessary, because there are a sufficient number of free servers.

    The Babo Violent client exists only under windows. For linux there is only a dedicated server.


    Download Babo Violent v2.11 (11MB, freeware, off site)

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