Solar aircraft Impulse 2 will travel around the world

    About a solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse on Habré has been written several times . This plane set several records, including the time spent in the air, overcoming a certain distance without landing, and others. The plane showed its best side, and there were practically no problems with it.

    But the developers were not satisfied with the first version of the “solar” aircraft, and made Solar Impulse 2. This aircraft is larger than its ancestor, its wingspan is 72 meters. The weight of Solar Impulse 2 reaches 2.3 tons. The mono-wing of the aircraft is covered with 17,248 solar panels, which produce energy to supply electric motors to the aircraft. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 140 kilometers per hour, which is more than the first version (about 50 kilometers per hour).

    According to the project team, they managed to increase the energy efficiency of the aircraft, and very significantly. Among other things, now the aircraft is optimized for flying in all weather conditions, including the intersection of cloud zones. In addition, Solar Impulse 2 can now cross turbulence zones, which the Solar Impulse version 1 was unable to do. Theoretically, a new aircraft can be in the air for an unlimited amount of time. In practice, the pilot needs to rest (in flight, the pilot sleeps only 2 hours a day), he is “just a man”, so he periodically has to descend from heaven to earth.

    Yes, and now it’s more convenient for the pilot to control the plane, because a comfortable seat is installed in the cockpit. Previously, the pilot had to be in not very comfortable conditions all the time during the flight (and this is many hours).

    As for the trip around the world, it will be launched next year, 2015. The route will consist of several stages: Switzerland - India-Myanmar - China - flight over the Pacific Ocean - United States - flight over the Atlantic - Southern Europe or North Africa - Switzerland.

    And here is a video showing the work on creating an airplane (thanks)


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