Sberbank and Khan Academy

    According to Sberbank:
    “In the framework of the project in 2014, more than 2,300 video lectures will be translated into Russian”.

    In addition to a short statement, I did not find any details on the Sberbank website.
    But he dug up an article in Forbes and Top9 lessons that scored more than a million views.
    There was even a Russian-language channel on the Internet, but the number of views there is 2 orders of magnitude less.

    What was Han talking about at TED, and what is the most watched video with the plain drawings of the “first star teacher in the world”?

    Performance at TED:

    Article in Russian Forbes.


    Video with a million views on the international channel
    Basic Addition (2 291 196):

    Simple Equations (1,571,576):

    SOPA and PIPA (1 492 428):

    Krebs / Citric Acid Cycle (1 359 424):

    Balancing Chemical Equations (1,297,572):

    Introduction to Limits (1 110 341):

    The Beauty of Algebra (1 109 153):

    Introduction to the atom (1,088,912):

    DNA (1 017 879):

    Some videos in Russian
    Leader in Russian - Fundamentals of Probability Theory (Basic Probability) - 38 919:

    Basic Addition - Translation of the most viewed lesson:

    The Beauty of Algebra (translation of the lesson of the millionth):

    Also popular now: