Start-up screens for all SNES games in a single 9-hour video (+ video for NES games)

    Probably, Habré is full of lovers of retro games who still play their favorite NES and SNES toys (for example, the same Mario, or “Duck Tales” or Felix there). In general, SNES released a huge number of great games, which are included in the annals of the game history.

    Be that as it may, today I propose to recall these games, looking at the startup screensavers of all games released on SNES. Yes, this video contains really all the games, from the most popular to unknown to anyone. The video is 9 hours long, so it’s worth breaking the view into several days if all this is of interest to you.

    In total, more than 700 items of toys are collected here.

    Well, and who wants to admire the NES games, their start-up screens, then please, here is such a video, lasting 2 hours 50 minutes:

    According to the author, all the startup screensavers of all NES toys are also collected here. The author of the work is a YouTube user with the nickname NicksplosionFX.

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