Game over, guys

    “I’m telling you, Gama is real!” - continued to swing his arms in the hands of Peter. - You will not notice how you will sit all night!

    - What kind of game is it that only in the computer club is? - continued, in turn, surprised Stas. - In the courtyard in 2018, where did the computer club come from?

    “Well, certainly not one of those who ...” Pavel vaguely showed his eyes somewhere to the side. - Without slot machines, in short. And the game is really worth it.

    - Standing? - Peter rounded eyes. - Yes it is, damn, mega-game! I have not seen anything like it yet! Here you have no genres, no restrictions, you know? If you want to grow potatoes, you want to design machines, you want to start a war, you want to fly to Mars! Well, even if you don’t do anything at all, just sit on the street and see what people are doing! You have not seen such a buzz yet!

    - Well, straight intrigued. - smiled Stas. - Far away?

    - No, now, around the corner is the entrance. - answered Peter.

    - Hey, guys, stand!

    Friends turned around. They were staring at themselves from whence who took the puny bespectacled man. He slowly walked around the guys, and stood between them and the entrance to the computer club.

    - So, there you are, bearded. - He pointed to Stas. - You come. The rest - go home.

    A few seconds, stunned gamers looked at the bespectacled. Faster than all in himself, as usual, Peter came.

    - Excesemouma, Monsieur. - he picturesquely broke into a curtsy. - You have not lured the coast?

    - Begins ... - mutter bespectacled. - So guys. I am the administrator of the club. If I said - bring down home, then bring down. No talking.

    - So without talking? - Peter smiled unkindly and began to approach the Admin. - Muschshchina, do you not go home yourself?

    - The rules are. You came to play yesterday. - quietly answered Admin.

    - And what? - from surprise Peter stopped.

    - What-what ... More than once is impossible.

    - That is how it is impossible? - Peter shook his head. - Why? What the hell?

    - Rules. Once played, and all.

    - Wait, Admin, do not get excited, explain in order. - Pasha stepped forward. - Which rules? Where are they written?

    - On your tickets.

    “Chot, I don’t see ...” Peter took the ticket out of his pocket and began looking at it.

    - Balls razuy. - Admin still a little angry at Peter's aggression.

    - Yes, right here, downstairs ... - Pasha shook his head, also looking at the ticket. - And what, you won't let go straight?

    - I won't let you go. Already did not let. - Admin was calm as a boa.

    - Listen, admin. - Pasha with the most friendly view went towards Admin. - Well, let me go once more, our comrade could not come yesterday, he worked at night. We want to play together. Well, there, you know, we will show him what we did there yesterday.

    - You will not show him anything. - Admin said sternly. - Once out, that's all. Somewhere your grave remained, and that is not a fact. The game is so arranged that the memory of all participants is saved. Well, that is, it can persist, unless you specifically try.

    - Damn ... - Peter frowned. - So, everything is lost?

    - Everything is lost. - with pleasure nodded Admin.

    - Seriously? - Pavel asked. - And nothing to return? Not at all?

    - None. - already without apparent pleasure Admin nodded. Then he paused for a few seconds and, apparently, having softened, asked. - And what, something valuable was?

    - Well, how ... - Paul threw up his hands. - Not to say that it’s very straightforward ... Here, Stasu wanted to show ... But in general, of course, the point is not to show ... You see, friend, we didn’t know that we were playing for the first and last time.

    - Yes, I already understood that. - Admin alert. - And what do you want from me?

    “I don’t even know ...” Paul really didn’t know. - You are directly stunned, in the forehead somehow.

    - In the forehead, yeah. - Peter managed to get a little paint, watching the conversation. - Right in the melon right now ...

    The admin did not wait for contact, backed out to the door, but did not have time - Peter was too close. Gentleman's rule was not violated - the first one was removed not on points, but in the jaw. Although the glasses immediately flew off to wherever, freeing Peter from restrictions. Admin, alas, was not a superhero - fell, and began to scream. True, not “Help, kill!”, But “Guard!”. And it worked.

    Immediately two strong guys ran out of the club, grabbed Peter by the elbows, dragged him away from Admin. He got up, shook himself off, turned his eyes in search of glasses, did not find him, cursed.

    - Where is it? - Bass asked the guard.

    - Nowhere, let go. - oddly enough, Admin was calm. - He will not climb anymore. Nerves themselves know. He is one of these who are surprised.

    “How they zadolbali already ...” the guard slowly shook his head and squealed contemptuously. - Morons stupid. Sit the night, all proshay, then walk, ask, whine.

    The guards released Peter and went back to the club.

    “Well, sssuka ...” Peter’s voice turned from aggressive to hard, calculating and calm. - I'll ruin your life.

    - Watch your pants do not spoil. - smiled Admin. - Everything is good already, get out of here, I need to look after the other visitors so that no one else will get through.

    - Boys! - all of a sudden, Peter began to shout. - Boys! Read the tickets carefully! You can play only once! They're all fucked up!

    The admin, for some reason, was not surprised, just smiled and shook his head. Paul was immersed in his thoughts, and did not pay much attention to what was happening. Stas, on the contrary, was trembling all over and did not know what to do.

    - Be careful! Do not waste time in vain! Play as it should! - continued to shout Peter. Then, paying attention to Admin's smile, he stopped bawling and asked. - Why are you crying, deer?

    - Not every day you meet such a moron. - Admin continued to smile. - You yell, yell, do not stop. Yesterday I was screaming here too. Every day almost yell, like you.

    - What else to hell "like me"? - filtered Peter.

    - Which, I will forgive forgiveness, clicked on the bread, and then shout that someone is to blame for them. - in the voice of Admin, as the classics say, steel notes sounded. - You play, like everyone else, no less, but you yell like unfunted. The others silently, calmly, played and left. Well, to hell with him, if not everything turned out what they wanted. Fuck yell something?

    - Yes, you wait, do not get excited too. - Pavel returned to reality. - Do not be angry at Petya, he was really upset. He liked the game very much. So that he did not go to bed after a sleepless night. At first I was molested with stories, what he was doing there, then we went to Stas, and he was dry. Very Peter wanted to come back and finish.

    - What are you before him crucify. - Peter waved his hand. - He went in the ass, ghoul, with its own rules.

    - This is not mine, but developed. - glanced down the admin. - I'm just watching the execution.

    - I apologize ... - Stas decided to participate. - I, of course, did not play this wonderful game of yours, but I am very interested. You do not know, by chance, where did this rule come from? I'm talking about the opportunity to play only once.

    - From the developers, said the same. - Admin raised his head and stared at Stas. - They said that the opportunity to play once is a key element of marketing. Well, see for yourself what crowds of people are here. The whole club is chock full. And this is only here, one club. There are thousands of them in the country.

    - Tryndets ... - muttered Stas. - I do not believe. Thousands of clubs, in 2018 ... No, I understand another 2000, when we went first to quack, then to counterattack. But now, in the Internet age ...

    - Stas, do not nudi. - Paul dismissed. - Stop and be silent. You're lucky, you still play. Let us grieve. Listen, Admin ...

    Admin has depicted a sour face on his face, knowing what will happen next. Paul, looking around, approached him, and began to speak twice as quietly.

    - Listen, and maybe we will pay you? - Pavel smiled a little uncertainly, even pitifully. - Well, what do you think, huh? There, in the club, no one will not recheck?

    - The game will recheck. - Admin answered without emotion. - This is a serious thing, not pale with fake accounts. You died in the game, understand?

    - Well, if only you believe the word. - Pavel spread his hands. - I myself have not seen my death. I pressed Esc, quit the game, and there I answered the question in the affirmative.

    - Dohera did you see any resurrection in your life? - Admin missed the tirade by the ears. - Well, so that the dead rose? Or is there Count Dracula? Or thirteen ghosts? Here you go. The game is the same.

    - What also? - frowned Paul.

    - It also looks like the return of the character who has already played. - Admin was starting to lose his temper. - That ghost will appear, then the dead man begins to run, it does not matter. Developed this crap is not immediately added, but later, when ... - Admin stopped.

    - When what? - with a slight hope asked Paul.

    - Well ... When admins began to cheat. So, in short. - Admin shook his head, as if chasing away unpleasant memories. - Different were. Who for the money, who - out of pity. Here come some fool, like your friend (pointed his head at Peter) and begins to moan, give and let me. Well, they did. And then all the players stand on end - the mother is honest, someone climbs from the grave! And right now everything is almost none. Persistent negative reaction to undead caught on. Hmm, a pun - undead caught on, funny (grinned to himself).

    - Piss off how funny. - imitated Admin's smile Peter. - Bitch you, Admin. Well you were standing there for sure yesterday, you could have warned. Well, that play the first and last time.

    - Hmm, what would that change? - sincerely perplexed Admin. - What, do you think, somehow would you play differently?

    - Well, of course!

    - Come on! - Admin waved his hand. - Do you remember the cartoon about Moomin Troll and the Wizard?

    - Not in the details. - Peter's aggression began to decrease. - What is it? Tofsla and Bifsla?

    - Not. The magician asked them to make a wish. Moomin-mom dreamed to lose weight all her life, but ordered a kilogram of ham.

    - Well, you do not confuse. - Peter smiled. - I did not deal with such garbage.

    - Which one then? - Picture raised Admin eyebrows. - I do not unleashed the Third World War?

    “Don't ...” Peter said evasively. - Nothing special.

    - Yes speak already, enough buttocks to knead. - Admin frowned. - Since I, one dick, we stand here with you.

    - Well ... I read, in short. - Peter lowered his eyes to the ground.

    - What, may I ask, did you read?

    - Well there, every ... Newspapers, sites. - Peter looked away.

    - Yah? What is the theme of the sites? - portrayed the interest of the admin.

    - Well, about computers, technology, and so on. - Peter still turned and looked at Admin. “Do you think I'm just like that?” I was a fool? Not! I read to evaluate the work of developers! I have never, in any game, seen such a well-developed press! Do you understand?

    - sing, what are you talking about? - Pavel was surprised.

    - Well, usually as. Is there, in the game, for example, computers. - Peter was animated more and more. - And in these computers you can read something. What is there? Usually, for the whole game, five pages of text, repeating. And here, mother honest! Why not! Yes, and you can comment!

    - Wait, wait ... - Paul frowned. - Are you sitting all night reading some shit? Yes, and commented?

    - No, of course not! - Peter lost his temper. Then he looked at Admin, who was already laughing out loud and a little embarrassed. - Not all night ... I did something else there ...

    - Petya, are you a moron? - it was the turn to resent Paul. - You just climbed into a fight to play again in the game! Do you understand? He moved a man in the face, he was lying there in the mud, for what? Read, polikat and pokommentit?

    - No, and you are angry in vain. - Admin hardly calmed down and stopped laughing. - I look at the logs, and developed to me said. Half of the people are just as stupid - read, like, comment. All night while playing. Then felled home. Even satisfied usually.

    - But this is some kind of nesting investment! - continued to resent Paul. - Debilizm squared! Or the root of withdrawal syndrome! Well, it's okay - what the hell are you going to do back? To read?

    - Not-eee ... - Admin sprained, not allowing Paul to answer. - He thinks that this time he will succeed, he will not read anything, he will like and comment - all the more! Do you understand? He wants a second chance - he thinks he uses it correctly. Well, how do you remember in Dostoevsky's Idiot, where Myshkin told about Dostoevsky himself how they executed him for execution, and then they canceled him?

    - Chot hurt you read for admin. - muttered Peter.

    - And why the hell do I do at night something. - Admin shrugged. - Books to read, but the logs. And the game is such that the logs are like human fates. Such as you, will soon start in a separate daddy add.

    - Listen, come on, eh? - abruptly changed the topic of Paul. - Well, you see, we are not like that already half an hour ago! We understood everything, realized, we will not waste a minute in the game!

    - Well, I said about the ghouls ... - admin frowned. “You guys don't seem to understand something, do you?”

    - What we do not understand? - Paul was genuinely surprised.

    - And you do not understand nikhera, so I will tell. - Admin said. - All you hihanki yes hahanki, all naive walk, everyone think there is a workaround? Nothing, somehow agree? As small children, by golly, who say to mom at a quarrel, “I want a dog to eat you,” and they themselves believe that mom is jumping, and jumping out of the dog's belly, like a grandmother and a red wolf hat.

    - Uh, what are you talking about? - continued to be surprised Paul. Peter no longer listened to their conversation, stepped aside, sat down on the curb and put his hands to his head.

    - Yes, about your infantilism ... - Admin a bit stopped. - Universal, in short. You understand what things are in the world, uh ... Let's just say ... Absolute?

    - Well ... Everything in the world is relative. - Paul shrugged.

    - Do you plan to die? - Admin asked with a smile.

    - No, I do not plan. - Pavel smiled in response. - It's too early for me.

    - No, that's not the point. I'm not talking about a schedule with dates. Do you understand that you will die?

    - Well, yes, who does not understand this. - a smile faded from the face of Paul.

    - No, you do not understand that you do not understand. - It looks like Admin was a master of puns. - Do you understand?

    - Are you kidding or what? - frowned Paul.

    - You treat such absolute things as death, as relative. - not at all embarrassed, he continued the well-read Admin. - That's all in your life is relative, everything bears the stamp of probability. Rain - with probability, marriage - with probability, child - with probability, even his sex with probability. War with probability, president with probability, tsunami and meteorite with probability. All with probability. Anything can or may not happen. All but one.

    - Of death?

    - Of death. - affirmatively nodded Admin. - This is the only thing that happens anyway. But you are not ready to accept it, you don’t even think about it at all.

    - Wait, it dawned on me ... - Pavel smiled. “Did you read the samurai code?” Like be ready for death?

    - What? Not. - Admin shaking his head. - I'm not talking about that at all. Using death as an example, I wanted to demonstrate to you what is absolute and relative.

    - On it how about me, forgive? - continued to smile Paul.

    - And so you understand, finally, - as he could, strictly said Admin. - That the second time will not. Well, remember for the future. The first time is sure to end, and the second will not.

    - Thank you, sensei. - Paul bowed.

    - Yah you. - Admin waved his hand. - You do not understand the words of life, for you remain in ...

    - I got it, really. - Pavel frowned. - You seem to be a nice guy, do not bother only with your quotes from books. And without you, sick. And what a difference now.

    - You with a ghoul - no, and the bearded - the most it. - Admin shook his head toward Stas. - He has everything ahead.

    - Oh, by the way, Stas! - Pavel turned to his friend. - You have everything ahead! Only, I beg you, do not repeat our mistakes!

    - "I beg"? - laughed Admin. - Edit-bash, guys, why are you? Well this is just a game!

    - Fuck off ... - Paul dismissed. - Stas, do not engage in this nonsense. Come on, until you come, sit down, think about what you will do in the game. And do not be distracted by nonsense. Distract there, I assure you, easier than ever! Petya read the newspapers, I ... It doesn't matter what I did. But you, Stas! You now know everything! You will not waste time!

    Stas looked at Paul somehow dumbfounded. On the one hand, the old friend was never crazy, he never even showed signs. On the other hand, this whole conversation, and this Admin, and optimist-Peter, sitting and holding his head and ... Oh God! Yes he is crying! Peter, thunderstorm area! Sits sobs like a drunken schoolgirl in a disco! And because of what? What kind of game is that, eh?

    - I understood, understood, Pasch. - Stas was nodding his head. - Now, while I go, I will think, and I will not waste time in vain. Or what? - hesitated Stas. - tell you? BUT? What do you think?

    - Come on. - Pasha quickly nodded his head, then suddenly started. - No, wait, no, why? Stas, who am I to tell me? Come on, think with your head. You now know the conditions.

    Admin all this time watching the touching scene and smiling. Then he folded his hands, laid his head on them.

    - Musi-pusi, I'm melting now. Mom sends her son to kindergarten for the first time. I am not one ...

    - Yes, shut up you creature! - suddenly jumped Peter. - We ruined everything, so let him at least succeed!

    - Oh yes, again I am guilty. - Admin was taken aback. - Listen, you got me.

    Admin turned to the door, was about to leave. Stas followed him. Then the door of the club opened, a lanky guy came out, who rubbed his red eyes with both hands. Stas slipped through the door, Admin lingered near the lanky.

    - Well, Cho, how are you, Kohl? - Admin patted gangly on the shoulder. - Alive?

    - Live and happy! - lanky Kolya broke into a smile. “But it’s hard to stand for something ... Three days in the game — after all, not a fucking muhra.”

    - What? - Peter could not resist, who naturally heard the conversation. - Three days in the game?

    - Well, why? - Kohl was so surprised. - What's wrong?

    - What's wrong? - did not let Pasha. - Isn’t it one night to play?

    - Who is this, I'm sorry, put it? And where did you put it? And what did you put? - began to bend the fingers of Kolya.

    - Get the ticket, duralka cardboard. - sighed admin. - Pick your pins and stare.

    - There is nothing about time ... - Peter spit ticket. - What are you talking about?

    - Yes, you yourself said everything. - Admin shrugged. - There is nothing about time. Sit at least a week.

    - Wait, are you serious? - intervened Paul. - Can I sit for a week?

    - Yes you can, who does not give something? - answered Kohl. - Guys, what are you doing?

    - Yes, they sat for the night, left themselves and dumped home. - Admin explained. - And today they came and the rights are swinging.

    - left? Why the fuck? - sincerely surprised Kohl. - There are so many interesting things! In the game somewhere. I crawled for three days, which I did not do! The whole world went there, climbed up the mountains, went down to the seas, was a magnate, was even a maniac, but what ... In short, he sat until he got out of his ass hemorrhoids. In a figurative sense, of course. Then he went out. Nobody drives there, this is not your life, death is not there. What is the point of going out if you have not played enough?

    - I'll kill you, bitch! - Peter shouted and rushed to Admin again.

    - Security!

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