Demonoid is with us again

    After 20 months of absence, prosecutions, the emergence of a dozen suspicious clones, one of the largest torrent trackers is online again. The tracker itself rose a couple of weeks ago, and today the website has returned. The data of existing accounts is saved and Demonoid members can log in with their username and password. More than half a million virtually dead torrents are waiting for their seeds to return.

    Official appeal from the tracker administration:
    Hi guys!
    After a well-deserved vacation, we are here again and again online.
    Now the site is running in the cloud, most of its code has been rewritten. As a result, in some cases, you may encounter strange glitches. We are trying to establish the smooth operation of the site as soon as possible, so please stay with us.
    All our former administrators are here again, so go to the forum and greet us. As before, the forums are separated from the main site, so there you have to register separately.
    Welcome again, make yourself at home!

    This time, the authenticity of the tracker does not look so dubious, compared with the clone that appeared last year, to which the Demonoid staff had nothing to do and recognized them as a scam.
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