Geek's bouquet of daisies

    Sometimes there comes a time when friends decide to get married and have to think what else, besides money, to give them to remember. And such a moment came and the girl and I fell into deep thought.
    Basis for reflection:
    • Flowers are given for the wedding
    • The bride loves daisies
    • The bride and groom programmers

    Under the cut, a good Friday article with a lot of photos and a small amount of text.

    It was decided to make a bouquet of daisies, but not ordinary, but bent - the LED should be the heart of each daisy. It was decided to use yellow LEDs - with a transparent casing and a yellow casing - both of them have a 2.1V power supply and the current required for a pleasant glow is 25mA.

    In order for the chamomile to have a beautiful and green stem, bright green shrinkage was used, and the whole thing was powered by 10 batteries.

    The picture shows the initial set of what was bought, all this water was bought under such a scheme, calculated in a calculator :

    It quickly became clear that such a scheme was inconvenient for several reasons:
    • Heavy battery pack
    • Serial connection

    It was decided to use power from 2 batteries, for which such a new block with a switch was purchased:

    and a new circuit was recalculated in the calculator :

    It was time to get to work - 7 stems were soldered:

    and then a resistor was inserted into each of them:

    While I had fun with a soldering iron, Nastya worked on the petals and cores of daisies - cut all of this from specially purchased corner folders of yellow and transparent colors (there was no white folder) and painted transparent petals with white nail polish:

    After all the daisies were “assembled” s ”- their stems were tightly tightened by heat shrinkage of green color, a green packing for flowers was found and Nastya designed it all in the form of a bouquet:

    which glows like this in the dark:

    The bouquet was handed to the bride who was very pleased that she now has such a bouquet.

    Thanks to those who have read (watched) to the end - you are awarded a photo of a tired but happy bride.

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