Linux Mint 11 LXDE released


    Today on August 16 a new release of the popular Linux distribution for beginners (and not only) Linux Mint with the LXDE graphical shell was released.

    List of changes under the cut.


    Application manager


    The application control center has undergone some cosmetic changes.


    Now, when installing a specific application, you will be able to see which packages will be installed and how much space it will take before you click on the installation button.

    Update manager


    Significantly improved startup speed of the built-in update manager due to the processing of the update manager code. In addition, only the updates themselves will appear in the list, but not dependencies on them, if installing the update requires updating or installing some dependencies, you will be asked about this additionally. (This solves the problem of Broken Packages.)
    In addition, like the application control center, the update manager has undergone some cosmetic improvements.

    Desktop Management Utility


    For those who are annoyed by cookies (translator's note: in the original fortune cookies) when opening a command line, now you can turn them off directly from the graphical interface using a special utility

    Graphic enhancements

    Like the GNOME version, the LXDE version contains a new scrollbar view for GTK applications.


    The theme has also undergone cosmetic changes, improved support from Deluge, Synaptic, Gimp, Banshee.

    In addition, updated mint-search-addon for browsers Firefox 4, Chromium, Opera. Now it looks more licked than before.

    Go to Plymouth, because it worked incorrectly with many video drivers, and was loaded late, it was decided to abandon the ryushek in the form of a beautiful screen load. Now the download is completely black, which, according to the developers, gives the system a more “professional” look.

    System improvements

    apt: A new apt download command was introduced that downloads .deb along with all the dependencies.

    Adobe Flash: Flash 10.2 and Flash 10.3 beta can now be installed separately. You can switch between them by writing on the command line: "sudo update-alternatives --config".


    Only the CD version and only 32-bit are currently available for download. (64-bit version is expected soon).

    You can choose a mirror for download here .
    Or directly download the torrent file.

    You can read more about the changes in English here .

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