Vision for Arduino, or how to work with video with 2.5 KB of RAM

    Eyeduino - finalist of Hack Arduino Robot 2014
    (Project Manager Eduard Petrenko )

    “We managed to implement a project that consisted in loading low-resolution video and efficiently working with it on the Arduino platform (2.5 KB (!) RAM). The work is demonstrated by exercises “riding on a dashed line” and “hunting for a cockroach” with a clapper board on a server.
    The clip shows the electrical diagram, the problems that arose and were solved, the exercises performed.
    Where the computer screen with the text terminal is displayed, what the robot saw is displayed, the # symbols are black dots. At different times, here the robot saw the “Lumiere brothers arriving train”, the logo of the project, the physiognomy of the project manager and himself, traveling along a dashed line. ”

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    There are photos under the cut.

    Hunting for a “cockroach”

    Armed with a fly swatter!

    Driving in a dashed line

    Where are these damn points!

    "We are in the optical sight, even eyebrows spotted"

    last seconds of life vibrotarakana

    "From me you will not escape!"

    So the cancer-mantis hunter cockroaches sees logo

    here of what in Russia is collected vibrotarakanov robots for the competition

    in the process of creation of

    initially "blank" robot from Arduino Arduino Robot Website

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    For all issues of cooperation, please contact the project manager Eduard Petrenko

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