"Rostec" began selling office phone "Cruise-K" for 85 000 rubles

    The Avtomatika Concern (part of the Rostec state corporation) began selling the Cruise-K office phone protected from listening (in the photo above). A unique IP phone is offered to legal entities at a price of 85,000 rubles .

    Some characteristics of the phone:

    • Speech codecs:
      • MR-CELP at 4.8 kbps for secure communication;
      • G.729 and G.711 for open communication;
      • SKZI class KA.
    • Key system:
      • electronic key carrier - RIK-2 card.
    • Operational parameters:
      • continuous round-the-clock work in the unattended room;
      • MTBF: at least 10,000 hours;
      • service life: at least 7 years.
    • External conditions:
      • working temperature - from 278 to 313 K (from 5 ° C to 40 ° C).

    The device is not sold to individuals: “At retail, if it means selling to a private person, it is impossible to buy it. Any amount can be sold to a legal entity — from one piece, ”said a representative of the Avtomatika concern in the TASS commentary .

    The specialist explained that the device is equipped with a real-time operating system of its own design - very tough and severely curtailed for information security purposes: "Thanks to the applied technical solutions and the know-how of our developers, the device cannot be hacked and listened to," the representative of Avtomatika added.

    The protected laptop for 500 000 rub.

    This is not the only secure gadget from Rostec enterprises. For example, in July last year, the Ruselectronics holding presented at the international industrial exhibition Innoprom-2018 a serial sample of a new version of a domestic protected laptop for extreme operating conditions. The 17-inch laptop works on the Russian Elbrus 1C + microprocessor.

    Notebook EC1866can be used by security agencies for solving various control tasks and working with secret information in the field. The developers believe that the EU1866 can be used for civilian purposes, namely “in industry, logistics, agriculture, to provide medical care outside of medical institutions and / or in emergency situations”. In July, the holding announced that it was fully ready for mass production of this product, but did not name the price. Soon, third-party sources reported that the Ministry of Defense will purchase these laptops at 500,000 rubles. for a piece .

    “Import substitution in IT is one of the key tasks of Rostec. Developments in this direction are systematically carried out by many enterprises of the State Corporation. This is especially important in the face of a growing number of cyber threats. The product we have created is based on the Elbrus domestic secure platform and works under the control of Russian software. This approach protects users as much as possible against possible information leaks, ” explained Ekaterina Baranova, Rostec State Corporation’s Communications Director.

    Protected Messenger

    Recently it became known about another initiative of "Rostec" in the field of import substitution. The research institute "Scale" from the concern "Avtomatika" presented a protected alternative to Skype for Business : one of the two installation discs of the IVA AVES S system is shown in the photo.

    By the end of 2019, the concern intends to conclude contracts for the supply of a system totaling more than 250 million rubles . Next year it is planned to double these figures.

    From the press release:

    The IVA AVES S system allows you to organize a secure conference in video format with Full HD resolution. In addition, it provides the ability to exchange text messages in a chat, collaborate on documents, conduct online polls, presentations, and record conferences, while ensuring the security of data transmission. The integrated solution is already being used at Rostec and at the enterprises of the state corporation’s radio electronic cluster for organizing online meetings. The system has a full set of certificates, exceeds foreign and domestic counterparts due to the high degree of information security and is the best solution on the market in terms of price and quality.

    Logging in mobile client applications for Android and iOS are already available in Google Play and the AppStore. Software clients for operating systems of the Windows and Linux family are in the process of development. In addition, the proposed solution based on WebRTC technology.

    The system consists of the IVA AVES multipoint video conferencing server and its modifications for the organization of IVA AVES S secure video conferencing, IVA LARGO hardware and software codecs and mobile client applications. The software can be deployed in a private or corporate cloud, including on the basis of the ECP Veil corporate cloud platform, which is also a development of the Scientific Research Institute "Scale".

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