Business Continuity: What can IBM offer?

    Not so long ago, an article was published on Habr that an 8-hour malfunction in the data center resulted in a loss of quarterly profit by the company to which this data center belonged. Of course, this case is far from an isolated one, and we know about some, but not about others.

    Of course, now more and more critical business processes are emerging that generate certain categories of risks. These risks must be not only predicted, but also controlled so that later “there is no excruciating pain” both to the management of the company and to the business reputation of such a company.

    What can IBM offer for predicting and controlling the risks of critical business processes?

    First, it’s worth pointing out a few points that show the capabilities of the corporation in this area:

    • IBM has been providing continuous health and disaster recovery services for over 50 years.
    • The Corporation annually conducts 10,000 disaster recovery tests worldwide.
    • IBM has more than 160 continuous operations centers in 70 countries.
    • Currently, the corporation serves more than 9000 customers globally receiving solutions for continuous operation and restoration of business processes.

    Of course, IBM offers several tools at once for both forecasting and risk control. There are also opportunities for recovering partner business processes after a possible equipment failure and / or downtime.

    Here are the main services and capabilities of the company of the appropriate orientation , which are provided depending on the requirements of the partner:

    Consultations . Everything is simple here, IBM experts help to identify and quantify, according to priorities, business risks and IT risks. After that, strategies and plans are created to manage such risks.

    In addition, rehabilitation advice is provided if something goes wrong.

    Control. Certain tools and services are used to distribute the payload, as well as to reduce the loss of resources of both applications and data, and the system as a whole. This option helps ensure the continued availability of your enterprise with IBM Managed Resiliency Services.

    Protection . A number of tools are used to provide automatic reliable protection of partner data, including both internal and external data. In addition, IBM cloud services help recover from a disaster, as well as backing up all critical data. The service is called IBM SmartCloud Resilience.

    Elimination of factors interrupting business processes . This refers to the possibility of usingDisaster recovery IT services . Relevant tools are part of the IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services group.


    Every day, complexity increases and the relationship of enterprises expands. The risk and high cost of failures affect not only the work of IT, but also almost all aspects of the enterprise. IBM allows you to provide both information on how to ensure continuous operation at all levels of your enterprise, as well as the appropriate tools.

    By the way, not so long ago, IBM held a forum where topics related to business sustainability and risk management were actively discussed. There are interesting expert opinions on this topic.

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