Rumors: iPod, MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac will be updated in the fall

    AppleInsider shares information with us, according to which almost every Apple product will be updated in the next three months.


    In the second week of September (the exact number was called September 9), Apple will call reporters close to her at the Apple Special Event, during which Steve Jobs will talk about the latest: the new iPod nano model, which we already wrote about , and, possibly, the new one. device with multi-touch display.

    After updating the iPod line, Apple will update its laptops later in September or early October. MacBook says goodbye to the plastic case, instead of receiving aluminum-steel, the MacBook Pro will also change its appearance - it will become more round. Perhaps we already have a picture of the new MacBook Pro case:


    The MacBook Pro will finally have a new battery, and the case will be designed so that you can easily replace the internal hard drive. Now this is not done very easily - it took me a couple of hours to replace a hard disk and required a trip to Gorbushka for a special screwdriver.


    Perhaps the MacBook and MacBook Pro will be built on a new mystical chipset , which Apple either develops itself, or buys from some other company - not Intel.

    Later in November, the desktop iMacs will also be updated - they will become faster, but their appearance will remain the same. But Mac Pro and Mac mini most likely will not wait until the end of the year for updates.

    PS It is written for Habr and for a blog about Apple

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