US Federal Court Authorizes Commercial Use of Drones

Original author: Lakemaid Beer
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Soon you will be able to hear the buzz of small copter blades foreshadowing the delivery of everything: from electronics, to pizza and beer throughout the United States of America. This will become a reality thanks to a new ruling by federal judge Patrick Geraghty. Anyone, whether Amazon or Lakemaid Beer, now has the right to send their small drones to deliver goods throughout the United States. The first place Kudo fly copters will be the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which opposed the permission of this kind of delivery.

Back in 2007, the Federal Civil Aviation Authority stated that commercial use of drone copters is prohibited. When the Raphael Pirker UAV flew across New York , the FAA fined him $ 10,000. Rafael hired a lawyer and he managed to win the case, setting a judicial precedent.

The FAA standards for the use of copters and UAVs are more than seven years old, and indeed they are more like recommendations than rules. This opens up legal loopholes for anyone and everyone who has a drone and a desire to use it in business. But despite this, the Federal Aviation Administration may at any time establish new regulations for the regulation of flights. But until this happens, heaven is open to drones with packages.

UPD:The US Federal Aviation Administration appeals the decision of Patrick Geraty.

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