SurroundWeb - 3D Browser from Microsoft

Original author: Mark Tyson
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Microsoft Research is working hard to develop the SurroundWeb system, which is designed to display the contents of web pages throughout the room. SurroundWeb is a kind of “3D browser” that creates the effect of completely immersing the user on the Internet.

Do not be surprised if the SurroundWeb project calls you deja vu. It is very similar to the Microsoft Illumiroom concept . The task of both systems is to increase the area of ​​content display by using the walls of the room. These systems differ only in that SurroundWeb uses more dimensions and is intended primarily to display and manage Internet content, and not to create the effect of realistic games.

The idea of ​​SurroundWeb is “to provide the ability to display web pages on several surfaces of the room and adapt their appearance to reflect the change in the position of objects in the room.” Before using the system, the user must render the room and indicate the preferred surfaces for use with Kinect. It is also necessary to note the available screens, projectors and other output devices for further interaction with them.

The Microsoft Research team also mentioned a few flaws in the prototype. For example, a room will not be rendered if any room parameter does not meet the requirements of the system. Also, the system has not yet been trained to recognize which input method you use when interacting with a web page, whether it be a mouse, keyboard or gestures.

Read the full report (in English)

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