Bitrix24 CRM - a powerful weapon in the battle of sales

    In the previous article, we briefly went over the main scenarios of working with the Bitrix24 system and confidently promised that it would be close at hand. It's time to answer for the words, and we will start with the most popular and frequently used component of any corporate SaaS service - CRM. Bitrix24 is far from exhausted by this functionality, but the CRM component, as one would expect, enjoys special attention of employees. In the framework of this article, we outline the main features of the implementation of CRM elements in this product, and with what to compare it and for whose benefit - see for yourself, here you have complete freedom of action.

    The sales process can vary greatly depending on which industry your company operates in. Of course, no one knows better than you exactly how managers should respond to requests, with what probability leads are converted into transactions, and what you do at all. Does the company provide consulting services? Does it support an online store with the ability to receive orders by phone? Maybe you make and promote sites?

    Whatever you do, for sure this is a noble work worthy of the highest quality tools. Improvements are always and everywhere found, and the famous proverb that opposes the best to the good was invented by inert conservatives. You can already set up automatic transfer of order data to the responsible manager, account generation and other processes, but what about contacts that have not turned into a deal? Excel doesn’t take them into account, right? Are you able to track the effectiveness of phone calls and business correspondence without getting lost in endless magazines and conversations? There are many questions, and the main reason for their occurrence is the fragmentation of the solutions used. Fortunately, this ailment is treatable.

    An affordable recipe called Bitrix24almost universal, has no contraindications and side effects. Moreover, it was tested on live employees, and during the testing period no one was hurt!

    And if the site or online store is built on the 1C-Bitrix platform (which is very likely in our realities), then the use of Bitrix24 for collaboration, as they say, “the doctor ordered”. It is enough to configure the import of data from the connected online store, adjust the basic business processes, and the work of the system administrator ends here. Although no, do not forget about the other side of the coin - integration with 1C: Enterprise products. If these words evoke one or another association, it makes sense to go to the appropriate settings section. If there is a compatible version of the deployed product, the probability of getting up-to-date lists of accounts and a catalog of goods offered tends to one hundred percent, so there is something to fight for. And now is the time to reward yourself with a well-deserved rest. As the saying goes, the sun rises

    The sales staff, in fact, comes to the ready. For example, orders and transactions in excess of a certain amount may automatically come under the responsibility of a corporate client manager, and all applications from a representative of the LLC Vector organization will go directly to the desk of the department head. It is enough to arm yourself with the authority of a portal administrator and set up several business processes. It is also important that visual editing is supported using standard flowcharts - familiar and understandable.

    Before pouring another cup of coffee into himself, the administrator must check the CRM access rights. They may differ from the general privileges that apply to individual accounts. In particular, ordinary managers can be allowed to edit the list of goods and add new positions as the nomenclature changes. Yes there, the usefulness of such a distinction is difficult to overestimate. You don’t want half of the users on the site to have administrator status (which, among other things, is absolutely unacceptable from a security point of view), but at the same time head of sales did not run to the IT department every five minutes with another request to edit the list of goods or changing transaction parameters?

    Several basic access rights and user groups are provided, for a start this should be enough. However, no one bothers to add arbitrary roles with detailed privileges and assign them to a new group, if only the changes would benefit the cause.

    In all this splendor, the ability to integrate with the company's mail servers is somewhat lost, but in vain. In the end, how long does it take to open an email client, find the right recipient or paste the address in the appropriate field, find an account and write a couple of meaningless phrases in the body of the letter? “Minute business!” - you say. That is true, but the workday of an experienced manager selling a product in demand literally breaks into thousands of fragments due to such trifles. Letters are forgotten in drafts, bills are made up with errors, something simply doesn’t reach the processing ... As a result, everyone is dissatisfied - potential and existing clients, superiors and, of course, the manager himself, who has not grown an extra pair of hands at his leisure.

    Bitrix24, fortunately, does not trade in gene mutations, but he knows firsthand the productivity of the work. It is enough to specify the parameters of the mail server in the account settings, and you can carry out correspondence directly from CRM! We generated an invoice in a few clicks, choosing goods and services from the catalog, decided on the company and counterparty and immediately sent the invoice in PDF format to the right person! It would seem that everything is very simple and obvious, but it is just such solutions that together allow you to work better, faster and better.

    Let's say the use of Bitrix24 promises unearthly benefits and complete comfort to the manager, but what about the leader? His job is not just to sell to individual customers, but also to keep records, monitor the activities of subordinates and report to the board of directors (if any). We think that you yourself roughly or even accurately imagine what the list of duties of the employee holding this position is made up of.

    From the use of a particular system, a person does not become less responsible, rather the opposite. Another thing is that a correctly selected tool allows you to easily manage routine tasks and track progress in all areas of activity without “tugging” employees and without interfering with them performing tasks. Of course, this requires serious involvement with the condition that, say, Bitrix24 is the only officially recognized way of communication in a company. No messages in Skype or other messengers are considered as a guide to action and are simply ignored. And so that the transition to a system of this type was not so boring, the developers came up with an activity index that visually displays the distribution of actions both for an individual employee and for the company as a whole.

    Added lead? Did you manage to convert it into a deal, automatically transferring all contact information in one click? Billed, generated a PDF and noted that the data was sent to the client? Updated contact information and indicated how you know this person? You’re just great, here’s your like!

    It can be heard wildly, but believe me, the activity tape familiar to most people on social networks, conducted separately by CRM, will allow all employees involved in the process to not only monitor how things are going, but also support each other in good undertakings, give valuable comments and tips. And what could be better than coordinated teamwork?

    In the following articles - work with reports and business processes, interaction with applications and other services, performance evaluation and work time planning! It's hard to believe, but Bitrix24 is capable of all this and much more. Evaluate the system yourself by trying the free version with a limit of 12 employees on the site

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