Python-digest # 16. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [February 23, 2013 - March 2, 2014]

    We continue to find and translate announcements of the most interesting and useful news from the world of python, nearby technologies and the community. Today about games, GUI, free hosting, online IDE, parallel code execution and much more.

    I do not get tired of thanking owlman75 for illustrations for the releases, as well as for all-all-all who, albeit occasionally, but send news for publication through a specially trained interface for this .


    • Python Projects at GSoC 2014 The
      Python Software Foundation has published a list of projects that will participate in Google’s annual student program. Among them are such interesting projects as Mercurial, Scrapy, Kivy, scikit-image and many projects of a scientific direction

    Articles and interviews

    Interesting projects, tools, libraries


    • Nikola 6.4.0
      NIkola is a generator of static sites and blogs. The main feature of the release is the ability to generate a site in a subdirectory like

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