Hourly, time tracking app

    Hourly is an iPhone app that helps you count time spent on tasks. You can count anything: how much you impose a landing page, refactor a code, carry out a code review, read Habr, walk around Auchan, go to work.

    Hourly App

    The application is most useful to freelancers who work by the clock - to report and control the workflow.

    But for those who work in the usual way (for salary), it will also help: when you find out how much work is done, it becomes easier to plan the work schedule. That's what I have already done, it takes on average so much, and this is so much. Plus, you can analyze your temporal parasites (for example, start the task of prokastinatsii or social networking browsing).

    Download the app in Appstore . Unfortunately, there is no Android developer in the team yet, so the link to Google Play will be much later.

    See also the promo page.applications, especially hovers (but if you open the inspector, do not be surprised - the designer showed).

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