The drama of the holes in the "Union" turned into a phantasmagoria

    Crashes of complex technology are really interesting things. And the desire of the media to learn new information before it is clear to publish first. Unfortunately, the investigation into the appearance of a hole in the Soyuz MS-09 ship on August 30 caused a stream of publications that not only confused the mysterious accident, but also sometimes literally made them clutch their heads.

    Briefly about the coverage of the accident

    Brief background

    On the night of August 30, an air leak from the ISS was detected. There was no danger, the astronauts and astronauts did not even wake up in alarm. In the morning, the leak was installed and sealed with a plaster soaked in a special epoxy. Leak eliminated. But when it was discovered that the hole looked like a drilled hole, the original version of the micrometeorite hit was discarded. And wrap it all up ...

    A riot of news

    Unfortunately, after more than two years after the accident “Progress MS-04”, the coverage of which I criticized , the situation has not improved. The shaft of anonymous "sources in the industry" again fell upon us.

    Already on Monday, a certain “interlocutor of the agency,” RIA Novosti claimed that, allegedly, the cause of the accident was negligence, and “the person responsible for it was already installed.” A few days later, however, they wrote that they had suspected a recently retired employee, and he was acquitted. So the “source”, as usual, provided inaccurate information.

    In the same article there was a version that the hole was sealed with some kind of glue, which was then “squeezed out”. There were no traces of glue on the published photographs (there are also questions for them, about this in the next chapter).

    Tuesday confidently broke through the new bottom and brought the situation to a new level of absurdity - news agencies delivered headlines like “A mentally unstable cosmonaut could drill a hole in the Soyuz spacecraft on the ISS”. Agency RIA News askedof the former cosmonaut Maxim Suraev, and it seems that he was taken out of context by his answer to the question “Could cosmonauts have already drilled a hole in space?”. In any case, they did not publish the original question of the journalist, and Suraev’s sensible appeal to not accuse anyone until the end of the investigation was placed after the most succinct replicas. Then it began to diverge in waves, more and more yellowing in the process. And the comments of other astronauts that this is nonsense, were lost in the Internet scribble.

    Wednesday also "pleased" us with new blunders. According to another source (again, by the way, RIA Novosti), the turner performs work in the industry within the Union, and “Turn the turner inside and leave for everyone - this cannot be in principle” . We have the answer - Turnerlaunched into the ship is not one, but with the right lathe.

    Turner works for the machine, photo Wikimedia Commons

    Well, yesterday, on Thursday, news agencies pleased us with contradictory reports again anonymous "sources" that, allegedly, "Soyuz" drilled when it was already fully assembled, and, at the same time, The commission allegedly rejected the version that it was done in the general assembly shop. And so that no trash is left unattended, they are now broadcasting the idea of ​​intentional damage to the hull.

    As a result, the media before the end of Roskosmos, that on Wednesday he made a request to stop disseminating unverified information, but, alas, judging by the Thursday news, he was ignored.

    Roskosmos asks media representatives to refrain from publishing unverified information received from anonymous sources on the results of the work of the commission to investigate the emergency situation that occurred on board the Soyuz MS-09 manned spacecraft in the International Space Station.

    The commission’s work will be completed in mid-September, its findings will be submitted to the Roscosmos State Corporation, and then measures will be determined to prevent such situations. Roscosmos stresses that references to so-called “sources in the rocket and space industry”, reporting various “versions” of the investigation, are a way to manipulate information and influence the work of representatives of the commission.

    Roscosmos recommends that Russian and foreign media refrain from publishing various versions with reference to anonymous sources until the commission’s work is completed.

    Facts and Versions

    Alas, we, people who have access only to public information, found themselves in a situation of lack of reliable facts. Even the famous photo of the hole is taken from a remote NASA video and there is no one hundred percent guarantee that it really applies to this story.

    That very photo.

    On the website of Kosmolenta there appeared a transcript of the negotiations, from which, alas, there is no unambiguous understanding of even the shape of the hole - whether it was drilled through or whether there was an almost drilled case with a different hole of a different diameter.

    13:00 Oleg Artemyev: It seems that someone drilled a hole through this hole. No, this is not a hole.

    Alexander Gerst: There is metal under the hole, so it is not through. I put a centimeter in there somewhere, and I found metal under the hole (Note: the wall thickness is even with a frame less than 1 cm; maybe the stop fell into the sheet of anti-meteorite protection?)

    Sergey Prokopiev: I take photos with a ruler.

    13:10 We see tissue in the hole (with a hole?), And the hole with the cloth is not responsible for the flow. They do not match by location. The fabric is at an angle of 90 degrees, and the hole in it [is] for some reason. Just Alex [Gerst] tore off this fabric, and the second hole on the surface ?? on metal, for some reason, a hole in the fabric.

    13:13 Sergey Prokopiev: This is a round hole. The fact is that if you look inside this hole, it is not completely. It was not made to the end. And when you look inside, you see metal at the bottom of this hole.

    Oleg Artemyev: Depth is about 1.5-2 cm.

    MCC-M: There [there is an ETI and anti-meteoritic protection [behind the outer surface of the BO].

    Oleg Artemyev: Well, it turns out that this is micrometeorite protection.
    Information also appeared that in the assembly of the ship there were no tasks for drilling anything, there were no rivets either, but contact welding was used, and the pressure drop from the hole increased gradually. In general, the main mystery of this incident is that reasonable versions do not correlate with facts known to the general public.

    Installation of meteorite protection on the household compartment

    The micrometeorite version does not correspond to the photo and the impressions of the astronauts and has already been discarded.

    The hypothesis of a hole drilled in space is not combined with rumors that in the place where it was found, it is not that inconvenient, or it is impossible to drill, and the motive of such actions is completely absent.

    Versionsmistakenly drilled and sealed when assembling the hole contradicts the absence of traces of glue in the photo, and you need to explain why the sealed hole, having survived the vibrations and jerks of start, lost tightness only after three months, when even temperature drops should not be strong - the metal of the ship is under thermal insulation.
    The idea that the hole was drilled partially and opened only now is experiencing the same problems as the previous one.

    The hypothesis of sabotage does not have a motive - now that Dragon V2 and Starliner are almost ready, there is no point in spoiling the Soyuz. Further, we need the ability of magical precision to the hole survived the test and opened up in space. And the danger of such a small hole did not represent any.

    Even a potentially interesting version of the error when installing the on-board camera , which gave hope that, when installing the camera for the first time, someone could be mistaken, breaks about the fact that it is far from the hole (photo with explanations from the forum of Cosmonautics News ").

    The location of the camera

    Hole was near the toilet, he is here

    . Yesterday I was joking that with all the delusional version of a lunar astronaut with a drill at least explains why the hole appeared at night, and is consistent with the lack of a motive to drill it, but even it now contradicts rumors of problems access to this place and the gradual increase of leakage.

    In general, the only thing that remains for us is to wait for the results of the work of the emergency commission, it does not remain for long. And, since there is no rational food for the brain, nothing better than collecting folklore that this accident has already generated, I cannot offer.


    First of all, the incident made us remember the classics, the film “The Taming of Fire” with the phrase “I was strictly forbidden to drill on the assembly!”

    The event has already spawned poems

    Flew a spaceship
    Through all the limits.
    And only in the side of his hole
    Slightly whistled.

    But unraveled on Earth,
    What it was.
    The drill slid in the ship, The
    drill slid.

    Traces of drill slip
    are very noticeable.
    Here, in an instant, the scale increased
    Holes budget.

    And on Rogozin forehead
    Shadows lay down.
    Some problems brought
    Drills slip.

    Now the answer is to keep in the Kremlin,
    And this is a pitchfork.
    The drill slid in the ship, the
    drill slid ...

    Author is an ATOM moderator from the forum

    The ISS is beautiful at the end of April
    And in the summer too, there was nothing,
    And in August we were able to find
    Traces of the diversionary drill in it.

    While the astronauts were sleeping peacefully,
    they saw the grass at home in a dream, the
    saboteur was sent to space by the States
    To drill a hole in the wall for them.

    Through the hole Russian secrets
    I would like America to suck.
    She doesn’t have life without secrets, She ca
    n’t collect her rockets without them.

    The enemy was tricky in the CIA trained,
    Although the drilling part was weak,
    Our Russian mechanic would make a hole better,
    And Pindos drills as clear as: tyap-blunder.

    Moreover, before him, strong and formidable,
    And vigilant, like a hundred Karatsup,
    Steel wall Dmitry stood Rogozin,
    On Pindos long had a tooth.

    The hole in the wall was closed with secret glue
    AND the ISS managed to prolong life.
    Ready to continue the Pindosskie plans. Find
    any hole in Rogozin's every hole.

    Posted by: Zyniker

    Folk fantasy has already produced excellent versions of the accident - that the drill was punched by a drill that had been missed in Soviet times, or a microscopic black hole, quickly evaporated by Hawking radiation, caused the hole.

    And it’s great that they remembered astronaut Mike Mullein's beautiful memoirs (although, having mixed up the name, he is not Robert, but Richard Michael).


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