[I recommend] Wi-Fi engineer note - radio intelligence (podcast and PDF)

    For those who are deploying Wi-Fi, or want to do this, as well as those who just want to be “in the know” I recommend listening to the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast. It is quite slow and usually listens to Fast Forward, but sometimes it’s just nuggets. In particular, Series 52 is dedicated to radio intelligence (active and passive): www.wlanpros.com/wlw052-7-rules-accurate-site-surveys
    • What to do and what not to do when conducting reconnaissance.
    • How can I cheat on radio intelligence (what not to do, what to fear when receiving).
    • Active and passive intelligence.
    • As a bonus, there are discussions on the topic of spectrum analyzers and interviews with the founder of MetaGeek - for an amateur.

    Nothing hard-working, but very well generalizes and structures. From the comments:
    • The author is firmly convinced that software for reconnaissance is unable to take into account walls and other obstacles during interpolation - this is not so. But especially not important for the story.
    • Not mentioned is a popular tool like iPerf. Perhaps it falls into the category described by the author as "Better not to do at all than to do so."

    Also, on the podcast page there are links to PDFs that describe the main points - it’s very convenient.

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