6 concepts that should finally make me work

    I promised the editor to submit this text last spring. But, in the best traditions, I put off writing it day after day. During this time, I managed to read more than 300,000 news in the RSS reader, view and send about a thousand tweets, like a couple of thousand photos, watch several dozen films, finish off three series and curse the 9th episode of the third season of Game of Thrones (yes, yes was a very long time ago). All in all, I was very, very busy.

    To describe such a state in psychology, there is the term “procrastination”, familiar to any Habrazhitel. We are well aware that it would be nice, damn it, to finally work, but then we fall down on some unnecessary trifle - for example, sort out alphabetically the napkin bags that have accumulated in the bottom drawer of the table.

    Every week, on a reputable IT resource, articles appear on how to overcome procrastination. It is called the scourge of the 21st century and the authors of the texts long and beautifully discuss the topic of internal motivation. I must say, these are excellent articles. Many people like them and have great comments. I myself wrote about ten comments under them, just to not write this text. So, personally, all these psychological things do not work for me. Therefore, I picked up several concepts that could motivate well.

    1. Watches erasing a to-do list with a hand

    A group of Chinese designers with unpronounceable surnames have proposed the Delete Clock concept. The watch dial acts as a marker board, where the owner writes a to-do list opposite each hour. Over time, the large arrow-sponge of the watch moves and erases the entries. Fearing that the business will be erased before execution and not having the opportunity to postpone or reschedule some tasks, the employee acts more quickly. At least, trying.

    2. Timer Wall Buttons

    Korean Designer Concept Kim Sung Min It's Time To Read Mebecame the winner of the Red Dot Design Award in the "Best Concept" section. The idea is stickers with a backlight that lights up on a timer. Tiny LEDs and a timer with a primitive factory are built into the unusual buttons - when the time comes for a reminder, a light above the corresponding sticker lights up. The advantage of this method is the clarity and simplicity, in contrast, for example, from electronic reminders of a smartphone. It is assumed that the brightly lit sticker does not get lost among the heap of pop-up messages, letters, and the like, that is, all that the phone and the computer constantly distract us with.

    3. Button calendar (the same from KDPV)

    In continuation of a theme with a calendar - Japanese designer Ryokhe Yushiyuki inventedcalendar-button Pushpin Calendar, consisting of dated push pins. The designer offers not to enter important events or memorable dates in the finished calendars, but to create your own calendar on the wall. Yes, with such a calendar you won’t know how many Saturdays fall next month, or that Bastille Day successfully falls on Friday. But you will always know how much the son brought the drawing from the kindergarten. You can also distribute tasks that are dated by a certain number on the board, and remove them as you complete them.

    4. Calendar in the form of matches

    Ukrainian Designer Yurko Gutsulyakcreated another Energy calendar, where every day is made in the form of a match. After living a day, the user tears off a match and burns it - at this moment, according to the author’s idea, he comes to the realization of the irreversibility of time, and hence the desire to use it, time, more efficiently. Given what is happening now in Kiev, the days with matches begin to take on a completely different meaning.

    5. Calendar in the form of garbage packages

    The same author has another similar idea - to issue calendars in the form of garbage packages. The motivation is the same - throwing the next day in the trash, inevitably you begin to appreciate the time.

    6. Calendar-puzzle DIA

    Portuguese designer Gonzalo Campos proposedThe concept of a wall calendar in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, which the user collects during the year from pieces of dark (if the day is unsuccessful) and light (if the day is successful) colors. As the days go by, the infographics of weeks and months looms, which helps a person more consciously approach the time.

    The same idea underlies the T-shirt calendar proposed by Pepper Hanberger, a student at Stockholm College of Design.

    Only in this case the calendar is not hung on the wall, but on itself. True, this greatly raises the problem of washing. Since an unpleasant smell can make any day black.

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