OpenOffice 3.0: PIM and other goodies

    At the OpenOffice 2007 Conference, in the presentation of 3.0 and Beyond, a lot of interesting things were presented for adherents of open software in general and OpenOffice in particular (scheduler, import of MS Office 2007 and PDF files, etc.).

    Full Scheduler (PIM): Tools for working with blog and wiki content: New 3D charts and a wizard for creating them: As well as:
    PIM in OpenOffice 3.0

    Web 2.0 in OpenOffice 3.0

    3D charts in OpenOffice 3.0

    • Import MS Office 2007 files;
    • Advanced export and import of PDF;
    • Integration in Vista (whatever that means);
    • New extension manager;
    • And much more .

    The news spied on LOR .

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