Second Apple Developers Community Spb meeting


    On December 16, 2010 , in the Ingria business incubator , our second meeting of Apple developers, code-named " Road to the Young ."

    Thank you very much for the feedback after the first meeting , we are very glad that there were many like-minded people who support our main idea - the development of those who are already developing iPhone applications and attracting new developers.

    This time we decided to give some thought to beginners who want to make money on mobile applications, but don’t know where to start. They will help them understand the basics and will be directed in the right direction by professionals in their work with master classes:
    • Alexander Cherny ( studio of Mikhail Kechinov ) “ iPhone development for dummies ”;
    • Ivan Chashkin ( Zen Mani ) “ HTML5 iPhone Development for Dummies ”;
    • Anton Maximov ( e-Legion ) " Development for Windows Phone 7 for Dummies ."
    You can register for the event here . Under cat details of the meeting and workshops.

    The application market for mobile devices is growing rapidly, and we give you a chance to jump on a fast departing train and start making money right now, while it is still very important.
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    Say, Microsoft’s new mobile OS, there are very few programs for it now, you have a unique opportunity to “bite off” a huge market share. Why wait? Sign up for a workshop by Anton Maximov and take your first steps in developing in a company of like-minded people.

    Don't like Microsoft? No problems. It is worth paying attention to the largest software market - AppStore. Alexander Chernygives an idea of ​​development for the iPhone, in particular, the principles of development, tools, language and much more.

    If you don’t have a macbook and desire to learn objective c, you still won’t leave empty-handed. Ivan Chashkin will tell you how to write javascript for iPhone and Android.

    Do not forget, for a full participation in the master classes you need a laptop with preinstalled software! That is, if you want to listen about iPhone development, you will need a Mac with Xcode and iOS SDK installed. For development under Windows 7 Phoneyou'll need the familiar Visual Studio 2010 along with the Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit, Expression Blend for Windows Phone, and Windows Phone Developer Tools. Listeners of Ivan Chashkin with his development for iPhone HTML5 can not do without WebKit-a Chrome or Safari (latest versions).

    Master classes will be held in parallel and will not be recorded, but the most interesting, according to the results of the voting, will be held repeatedly and more extensively.

    Register and come. Let's study together!

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