Access to the publication is limited - there is not enough “Login” link

    There are such articles for access to which it is necessary: ​​a) to log in to the system; b) participate in the blog.
    I mainly read Habr through RSS - IPhone, Google Reader. Everything is fine with the beginning of the article, but when you want to read in more detail, you get the following problem: Google’s page converter to mobile format is naturally not authorized on Habré and gets the page “Access to publication is limited.” I press View Page Directly - I get the same page. Now, attention to what you need to do while traveling between metro stations with lost Internet: click on the blog link, wait for the heavy page to load, find the login link, wait for the download, enter the login-password-captcha, wait for authorization, close the page (in between, until the above sequence of pages is loaded, you sit in the reader, read other news), return to the reader, find the news whose details were interesting, open the details - again the GWT converter will say that it is limited,

    It seems to me that the path to joy could be significantly reduced by adding a “Login” link to the page with the notice of limited access, which, after authorization, would throw on the article of interest.

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