Skolkovo took the competition for the innovation prize

    December 6 began accepting applications for the competition for the Skolkovo Innovation Award with the support of Cisco I-PRIZE . The competition was announced on November 22 and immediately aroused genuine interest throughout Russia: in the next two weeks, the organizers of the competition received 252 calls from 88 settlements of the Russian Federation, including Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Surgut, Ulan-Ude, the village of Chuguevka (Primorsky Territory), Yakut village Ust-Nera.

    The competition for the Skolkovo Innovation Award was organized to build on the agreements reached during the June meeting of Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers with President of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev1 and is designed to foster innovation in Russia. Citizens of the Russian Federation no younger than 18 years of age who can offer innovative ideas that could be embodied in the following areas can participate in it:
    • application of technology in energy conservation
    • application of technology in healthcare
    • information Technology

    To participate in the competition, you must go to the website and fill out the registration form. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until the end of the day on February 15, 2011. All ideas will be evaluated by a competent jury according to the following criteria: market potential, originality and creativity, compliance with the conditions of the Russian and world markets, probability of successful application.

    The results of the competition will be announced on the twentieth of April 2011. Winners, whether individuals or groups, will receive cash prizes that they can use to further develop their ideas and build their own companies:
    • first prize - 3 million rubles of the Russian Federation
    • second prize - 1.5 million rubles of the Russian Federation
    • third prize - 750 thousand rubles of the Russian Federation

    As the senior director of Cisco, curator of global incubation projects of the company Christopher Thompson, emphasized, “in order to make the competition as honest and open as possible, Cisco employees, people who have business relations with our company, Skolkovo Foundation employees are not allowed and government agencies such as ministries and departments. On the other hand, we will do our best to ensure participation in the competition for students, students and teachers of Russian schools and universities. ”

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